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 Posted by on 03/02/2012
Mar 022012
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back in the shadows

Yes, I’ve been away for quite some time now. Things got a bit hectic in my life, but all for the better. Now that a routine is back in to play it’s without a question my posts will be coming back up full force.

So what’s been going on?
1. I’ve increased my work load at the university I coach at in order for our student-athletes to benefit more from the training sessions
2. I began getting into a habit of doing more soft tissue work on myself and found out that my body is pretty jacked up
3. Since bodybuilding has been placed on the back burner for now, I’m back into powerlifting.
4. Now that I’m powerlifting again – I might as well compete

Yup, I’ve done the whole bodybuilding competition which I would probably do again some time. But now, it’s time to compete in powerlifting. I’ve trained in that style but I do believe you aren’t an actual powerlifter unless you have competed. This should be interesting.

A friend of mine and myself will be competing in the 165 lb weight class in a Push/Pull competition in Palm Springs, CA on June 2nd. This should be interesting to see how my strength levels will be in that weight class. Last year while I prepped for my bodybuilding competition strength wasn’t the emphasis. Of course I wanted to maintain strength but I mostly wanted to keep as much size as possible so my strength levels did suffer.

This time, the full emphasis is on keeping as much strength as possible. We’ll see how my body looks when I get down to 165 because when I weighed in at my bodybuilding competition of was 164 last year. Time to hit the drawing boards.

DO WORK! Time to go back in the Shadow…

Jim Wendler is someone to listen to when it comes to training

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