Oct 252013
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if it was easy everyone would do it

Building a Kū body has become my lifeʻs mission for myself.

Iʻm often asked how I came across the idea of “Build a Kū body”.

Life is all about constant growth and learning.  Albert Einstein said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”  Becoming Kū has been an evolving philosophy because as life goes one we experience and learn more not only about life itself, but most of all ourselves.  Or so that is the intention.

The inspiration behind Building a Kū Body is to share my story and experience towards building a strong body, mind, and soul.  Many of us focus on one or two areas while the other slowly drifts away like a seed in the wind and takes root in a distant place.

I came to the realization I wanted to give more to others when I became the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Redlands.  As much as I hope I left a lasting impression on the student-athletes I trained and the colleagues I coached with, they have definitely left a lasting impression on me.  My short-lived time there, before I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life of leaving, was awe-inspiring and helped me create my mission to build a Kū body.  So with that said, Mahalo.

Development of your body, mind, and spirit does not automatically happen.  Just like if you want to lose weight or build muscle, you have to work.  Or building a successful business, you have to take initiative.  Or building a strong relationship with others, you have to have Aloha.

You must be Kū, take a stand, be strong, transform, and push forward towards bettering yourself and the community you live in.

My code behind Building a Kū Body is simple and straight forward.  Itʻs actually my philosophy when it comes to coaching, training, and living.

Team Kū Philosophy – The 3 Ds

Yes, Iʻm building a Team.  Who wants in?

As a Strength Coach, people in the industry will always want to know what your philosophy of training is.  They look for if you are more into olympic lifting, power lifting, crossfit, circuit training, etc.  The list goes on and on.  But I approach things a bit differently.

You can have the best training program but if you donʻt have these 3 Ds within you and the athletes or anyone you work with, then that ʻbestʻ training program doesn’t matter.

These 3 Ds go towards every aspect of life.

To be Kū physically, mentally, and spiritually you must have have these 3 Ds.


Be honest with yourself and make the decision to want to be Kū.  Find YOUR purpose or reason to start building a Kū body.  Each of our lives are unique. Like the saying goes, “You are the creator of your own destiny.”  With determination comes mental toughness, and with mental toughness comes extreme desire and success.  You have to want it first.


Once you  are determined, itʻs up to you to commit yourself to build a Kū body.  It is your kuleana, responsiblity, to approach each day with a purpose towards achieving the goal of constant improvement and growth, not only as an individual but also in your family and community.  Part of being Kū, is not only for the betterment of ourselves, but to also give to others.  Remember, “to live is to give,” and I believe we all have something to offer in this thing we call Life.


It is essential to possess a strong work ethic, self-discipline, and humility in order to succeed in life.  Building a Kū body takes time, perseverance, and ahonui, patience.  With discipline, you keep yourself on the right path.  There will be challenging times where you may want to throw in the towel.  Trust me, it’ll happen.  But being discipline is about doing what must be done, not what you want to do.

By applying these 3 Ds to life, will get you on your journey towards becoming Kū.

Which is why I’m building Team Kū and recruiting anyone and everyone who wants to be the creator of their own destiny while building a stronger body, mind, and spirit.

Achieving greatness can’t be done alone.

It takes a team.

Leave a comment below to show some love and take your place on Team Kū.  


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