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The Aipa Project Gear

More Colors and Designs Offered

JOIN THE PROJECT. Get your Aipa Project gear.  Wearing this shirt will not only bring you a lot of Manait will also remind you to take on your own projects.  The Aipa Project’s mission is to inspire you to create meaningful and fulfilling life by building a Ku body physically, mentally, and spiritually.

FIRST OFF, if you purchase a shirt, thank you very much.  The Aipa Project would be nothing without my readers and you are the reason why I continue to write and share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

LET’S HAVE FUN.  When you get your shirt, feel free to send in a shot of you working on your very own project; a new business, working out, jumping out of an airplane, sewing, overcoming a fear, or just a simple picture of you representing The Aipa Project gear.

 HAWAII SHIPMENTS: Presently I’m looking at ordering shirts for me to mail out personally.  If you order from this site that I’m using for now, be patient because it take quite awhile to get to the islands.  But you’ll still get em! Mahalo.


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