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 Posted by on 12/02/2013
Dec 022013
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The first ʻAloha to Youʻ

It’s not very often that I click on a ‘submit’ button, let out a big sigh, and hug my wife.

When I first published ‘Aloha to You’ – it was a simple downloadable PDF ebook. A project I worked on for almost a year. When I announced that my book was published and available to purchase, I wasn’t expecting anything. It just felt good self-publishing my first ebook and releasing it.  I remember thinking to myself, Let’s see what happens – my mom will probably be the only one who buys it.

Of course she did, but so did many others; family, friends I haven’t heard from in a long time, colleagues, athletes I coached, and people who I never met before.  It was overwhelming.

And then the response I received about the book was very humbling.

I believe we all have a story to tell.  Like I mentioned at my ‘Build a Ku Body’ talk at Native Books Hawaii for Pono Today, I am just a messenger.  The purpose behind my book is to inspire and evoke thought.

As more people continued to ask about my book, many asked when will I make print version.  Something they could feel, flip through the pages, and lend it to a friend. There were many people who purchased my ebook and had no idea what an ebook was.  They contacted me asking when they would be receiving the book in the mail.

In the Hawaiian culture – when one comes across a story, it is their responsibility to take that story and look at their own.

One story can turn into a thousand stories or maybe a million.

Because my goal is to reach out to and inspire as many people as possible, I decided to publish an awesome looking paperback version of Aloha to You: A Journey to Living with Aloha and Finding the Power Within.

aloha to you aipa

The new Print Version of ʻAloha to Youʻ

If you are interested you can pick-up your own 132-page print version.

And if you love the book or already read my ebook version, I’d really appreciate a review on Amazon.

Mahalo and Aloha!

Be Kū!



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