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For a significantly lower cost of a personal trainer at your gym, you can become an online client.

This means that you and I will work together for an extensive assessment to pinpoint exactly what your needs and goals are, how we will attack them while meeting the needs of your lifestyle, then we will ride off on horseback as we embark on the journey towards your Ku body (maybe not on horseback, but you get what I’m saying).


The way I get results are considered uncommon, different, and what some of my clients would say, “It’s Ku.” 

Many people are motivated and determined to get in to the best shape of their lives but may need some help. Is that you? Are you feeling confused, frustrated, tired of going no where, and don’t know where to start or what else you could do?  Not any more.

I will join in your battle, and like super heroes we will come out victorious.


It’s true.  Most people are handed a diet and workout plan and are expected to follow it without knowing exactly what is going on.  Not here. Because when you achieve the body you want, I make sure you know the methods to keep it.

This is YOUR workout, YOUR diet plan.  Everyone is unique and deserves a plan tailored for them.  This isn’t a cookie-cutter program that can be found in some magazine.  This is YOUR program.

Every workout you will know exactly what you need to do, and for every meal you will know what is healthy and physique friendly.  I’ll also teach you how to prepare them the right way, because even though you may have healthy foods – the way you cook it matters.


I still want you to enjoy life.  Too many people think that if they want to create the body they’ve always wanted and live a healthier life, that they have to become a hermit and stay away from parties, social events, stress out during holidays, and have no fun.  I show you how you can do it.


What’s a plan without guidance and coaching? It can get frustrating and confusing.  That’s where I can help. With constant email support, you and I will be able to work together to make the adjustments needed to speed up the process.

So are you ready?

Ready for awesomeness?

Ready to Be KU?

Please Sign-up by filling out the form below.

*Due to scheduling and time, I take on 10 online clients at most.  This ensures that I can offer the best quality service for my clients.  Thank you.

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