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I help people look and feel frickin’ amazing.

You and I will do an extensive assessment to figure out what exactly your goals are.  From there I will be able to tailor a workout program specifically for YOU.  Whether your goal is to shed off the fat, get stronger, build more muscle, look and feel hotter or sexier, figure out how to exercise with your busy schedule, or just to simply get in shape and live healthy I will be able to show you the way.

The Ku way.

You won’t get some cookie cutter program from a magazine, that’s not Ku.  Instead the program you will receive will set you on your way towards building your dream body or get you in the best damn shape of your life.

I’m here to take out the confusion and frustration many get when they embark on their transformation alone. As my client, I don’t just train you.  I teach you at the same time and share with you methods it takes to achieve the body you want and keep it.

This isn’t for the weary at heart.  If you are looking to make a difference, you have to want it.  It’s not an easy journey, it takes a lot of determination, dedication, and discipline on your part to execute the plan we come up with together.  But what’s a plan without guidance and coaching? What’s up? That’s where I come in.  That’s what I do.


All rates include a 60 minute workout program and diet plan.

Single Session: $60
New Client Special: $20 for first session and fitness assessment.

Packages Hourly Rate Savings Price
24 Sessions $45 $360 $1080
12 Sessions $50 $120 $600
6 Sessions $55 $30 $330

*To make things easier, it is possible to pay in increments.


2 people – 60 minutes

Two Person Single Session: $80
New Clients Special: $40 for first session and fitness assessment

Packages Hourly Rate Per Person Savings Prices Per Person
12 sessions $70 $35 $180ea $420
6 sessions $75 $37.50 $105ea $225

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or Call 808.630.1336



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