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A Journey of Self Discovery

It has always been a dream of mine to publish a book that could inspire and help others. I’m a big believer that you have a purpose in life.  But in order to find your purpose and true passion, you must discover who you are first.

Your authentic-self.

In Aloha to You, you will go on a self discovering journey to find your true passion, what makes you happy, how to go about living a meaning and fulfilling life, and most importantly who you are.

Each chapter in the book offers a lesson to bring awareness of exactly what it is you want out of your life.  In order to grow and discover your authentic-self, you must be intentional about the process.  It won’t come to you automatically.  This is why throughout the book you will find questions that I’ve asked myself and thoughts I had during my journey.

thinking aipa

The book is a compilation of the top essays I wrote during this time of my self discovery.  The Aipa Project’s main goal is to empower people through strength and fitness to become strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. In order for me to do that, I had to go on a search of who I was.  I can honestly say that during the process, I found my true authentic self.

With this book I hope it will inspire you to look within and find who you truly are and what drives you.

Aloha to You is divided into three parts; Kuha’o (Self-reliance), Mana (Power), and Aloha (Compassion).  In each section I will take you through my journey of self discovery and I hope it will provoke you to reflect on where you are in life.





*If purchased, please follow link at confirmation page to download book.


Aipa bookWhat’s unique about this book?

I’m not an expert telling you that I have all the answers.  I haven’t reached some high level of enlightenment where I believe I’m the next Dalai Lama.  What’s unique about this book is that you follow the journey I went on to find myself and the realization I had to continuously grow.  I also share the values I learned and continue to learn from my Hawaiian culture.

Why Aloha to You?

I believe you want more out of your life.  I believe we all have something unique to offer.  And I truly believe that the foundation to life is Aloha.  During my journey I found what Aloha means to me, and I want the same for you.

With that in mind, I want to give Aloha to You.





*If purchased, please follow link at confirmation page to download book.


Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.

  10 Responses to “ALOHA TO YOU”

  1. Are hard copies available?

  2. Aloha. Right now I don’t have hard copies available.

  3. Daniel, Just stumbled across the UOR updates and found your news brief and book. I am Bulldog ’77 -’79 – support the tennis team as an alum, player, and donor. Funny enough, not sure if you are related, but I surf on Ben’s surf boards as well. Lets connect. I am sure we have a synergy. My contact info is on the site, etc. Coach Roach and I are Buds if you need a reference.


  4. Hey Scot. My dad, Nathan, is a Bulldog as well ’76, and yes Ben is my uncle. Looking forward to connecting with you. Aloha!

  5. Coach Aipa, I really enjoyed reading Aloha To You. A year and a half ago, I read a self-help book on happiness. I really embraced the ideas that the book shared & gave them a good shot during my last school semester at Redlands. You can ask Ross who was my roommate for 3 years or those that have known me a while on the track team that I was definitely a happier person during my last few months at Redlands. I was simply in a better mood every day. I shared the good feeling with others in hopes that it will spread onto them & more. I guess you could say I was living the lifestyle of Aloha. However, I lost that by the end of just last year. I could feel it. But now I want to thank you for sharing Aloha To You with me. It reminded me of many of the things I read in that happiness book and more. It was cool to hear it from you and through your journey. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been incorporating some of the 30 Day Challenges that I used to do back into my life every day now and I feel simply better than I was a couple months ago. I’m slowly getting that feeling I had during my last semester at Redlands of living the lifestyle of Aloha and knowing my authentic self. So once again, thank you.

  6. Rich, I appreciate the kind words and I’m stoked that the book helped you bring Aloha back in to your life. It makes everything much more enjoyable and life way more fulfilling. Aloha!

  7. I bought the book but didn’t get the confirmation page or email. Where can I go to download it?

  8. Hey Matt, I’ll send you an email with the information. Thank you for your purchase! Aloha

  9. Aloha e Daniel! Best wishes for your appearance at Na Mea this evening!! I haven’t finished Aloha to You yet…but I was finally able to begin it and get half way through on a recent mainland trip. What I have read thus far is pretty amazing. I’ve been in need of inspiration for awhile now and it is actually helping me. With an active almost 2-year old running around and a full-time job, plus trying to “run a household”…I don’t have much “me” time and therefore am lacking in so many things to help lift me up, inspire me, and keep me inspired and live a life with more Aloha. What I have read thus far has helped shift my focus mentally and is helping me take the small steps that I can towards a more positive life and live a life with more Aloha. And, of course, it makes me think of your mom more often…which, for me, is always positive. She is one of those amazing people that come into your life and you will never forget them and I always feel good when thinking about her or being around her.
    Mahalo, Daniel for sharing your Aloha!
    PS—I keep nagging on Keli’i to download the book too :-)

  10. Aloha e Makanani. Thank you for grabbing a copy of Aloha to You and I’m happy that it’s helping you shift your focus. It’s definitely something we all have to be mindful of because we all get side tracked. It’s great being back on the islands but it has also been a challenge for me to get things started but it’s moving along just fine. My appearance at Na Mea was moved to October which I’m not complaining about because it’ll give me more time to prepare. Pretty nervous but I think it’ll be a great experience. Mahalo again for the support and Aloha and tell Keli’i, Howzit! haha.

    A hui hou.

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