Aug 162013
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how to be a personal trainer

I’ve had my share of experiences with personal training and coaching.  I came up with 6 questions that you should ask a personal trainer if you are looking at getting one.  If you are a personal trainer or thinking of being one, these questions will also get you thinking and hopefully you have these all figured out already.

Today, instead of my usual writing blog post I decided to do a quick video and go over the 6 questions you should ask a personal trainer.  Nowadays, it is fairly easy to become a certified personal trainer.  Although it’s important for a trainer/coach to be certified which I cover in the video, these questions will help you dive a bit deeper to see if the personal trainer is a right fit for you.


1.  Are you certified?

2.  Am I comfortable working with this person?

3.  What sort of results have your clients seen?

4.  Why do you want to be a personal trainer?

5.  How do you train your clients?

6.  Do you walk the walk?

There are many more questions you could ask but I wanted to give you a several.  When hiring a personal trainer or even being one, there is a lot of trust going in to that relationship.  The client is paying you money to do what you are supposed to do, get them results.

I may have to do another video about – 6 Things Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Do.  That might be pretty fun as well as entertaining.


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