Abs are Awesome: 3 Reasons Why

 Posted by on 05/20/2013
May 202013
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male and female abs

I’m not trying to sound superficial or anything, but abs are awesome.

To me, they are a sign of health, fitness, and sexiness. It’s true.  My wife won’t admit it, but she does find me a bit more attractive with abs. But on a deeper level, exactly how awesome is it to have visible shredded abs? I’ll show you how awesome.

1. Insulin Sensitivity

This is when you want to be sensitive.  You want to avoid insulin resistance.  Think of the times you ate a whole Little Ceaser’s pizza (I’m guilty) or some ‘broke da mouth’ carb-coma meal, how did you feel after? Felt like laying right on the floor for a nap, right? During these times your insulin is spiking followed by a crash and takes place every single day which becomes a huge problem.

When your insulin stays high, it makes your body more prone to fat storage.  According the the USDA, it recommends 200 to 300 grams of carbohydrates per day.  That’s like enjoying oatmeal and raisins for breakfast, a turkey sub for lunch, rice for dinner, and fruits here and there.  Doesn’t sound all so bad, but it is.  When you eat like this every day, the insulin spikes will become more pronounced which will lead to you needing to take in less for to achieve them.

That’s bad.

This is why carbs get such a bad name.  If you consistently eat too much carbs, every carb you eat will have a negative effect on your body.  Aside from fat storage, being insulin resistant increases your chances of obesity and diabetes.

This guy is sensitive

This guy is sensitive

2. Confidence

I’m not going to lie, when I first experienced actually having visible abs my confidence had a huge boost.  Like I mentioned before, abs are a great sign of health, fitness, and sexiness which is a pretty lethal combination.  I’ve had athletes and clients come to me asking what they need to do to get visible abs.  They were already in great shape but they weren’t satisfied until they achieved that six pack.

I used to be that guy who thought having a six pack was overrated and doesn’t mean anything.  Until I got them and saw them in a different light.  If you want to get abs, that’s your damn choice but you have to be prepared to work for them.  Haters are going to hate, saying that having abs serves no function.  Besides fighting against obesity, diabetes, or looking better naked, if you want abs then that’s enough of a reason to get them.

3. Optimizing Hormones

Now when I speak of abs, I am not speaking of those skin and bone guys who by default have abs and never exercise.  I’m talking about the person who exercises, wants to build a Ku body, and overall wants to be healthy and fit. If you have a pudgy mid-section, there is a good chance your testosterone levels are low and you have a high level of cortisol.

For guys, that’s never good news.  Testosterone is what makes us men.  Testosterone is what makes you an Alpha.  Testosterone is what gives us sex drive.  Ladies, I’m sure you’d rather have a guy with a balanced level of testosterone rather than with someone who’s estrogen levels closer to yours. Am I right?

Come Get Your Six Pack

primo beer

I’m not talking about this six pack, although it is pretty tasty.

I’ve been helping people achieve their athletic performance and teaching others how to build the physique they want.  One of the most interesting observations I’ve made in my 7 years in the industry, is when my clients and athletes accomplish their goals physically – their success spreads to all aspects of their lives.

By no way am I saying that getting a six pack is the only want to build a Ku body or what makes you healthy and fit.  Some of us, like me, just want them and they do have many health benefits that follow.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to start your journey towards a six pack.  It’s possible for everyone, it all depends on if you are ready or not.  

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.

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