Nov 182013
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carbs at night

Arnold didn’t mind carbs at night

Not so.

I admit, I’ve told family, friends, clients, athletes and even myself that in order to lose weight you want to limit your carb intake during the evening time.  In fact, you should stop eating carbs after 7PM.  Yes, I’ve said that before and I’m sorry, but that was total bullshit.

But give me some slack, I was still young in the health and fitness industry.  I no longer talk in absolutes because every situation is different.  By no means am I telling you to stuff your face with carbs ONLY after 7PM now.  You can do whatever you want but I’m here to shed some light on the fact that eating carbs at night isn’t such a bad thing, and that eating carbs at night will not turn in to fat.

Read that again – eating carbs at night will not turn in to fat. Tell that to whoever you are sitting by right now and see what sort of weird look you get.

Why the change of thought?

Because I read, researched, became open minded, and tested it out on the best test subject – myself.  I actually found that eating carbs late at night actually help me shed the fat.  Your mind is blown away right? Mine was.

Think about how you feel after eating a heavy carb meal.  Nice and sleepy.  You get so sleepy that you want to crawl into your bed and knock out, or better yet just find a spot on the floor.  In fact, having carbs at night can actually cause you to release more growth hormone (GH) while asleep.

I had to share this video because I’m sure we can all relate to it in some way:

Don’t be afraid of growth hormone, our bodies naturally produce it.  Growth hormone allows your to build muscle while keeping you lean.  It is also considered the ‘anti-aging’ hormone.

I know, you may be a bit confused but there was a study where researchers compared subjects who ate their carbs in the morning with those who ate them at night.  The results were the nighttime carb subjects loss more fat and even experienced less hunger. Interesting right?

But there are those who say carbs are used as an energy source, true, so when you are sleeping you aren’t using the energy hence it’ll turn into stored fat.  Not so true.

You see, those carbs do get stored but they fill up your glycogen which is the energy you need to train hard.  So the late night carbs actually have a carryover effect towards your training for those of you who train in the morning or afternoon.

Does this mean you can have all the pasta and rice you want at night? No.

Does this mean itʻs okay if you have carbs after 7pm? Yes, you can even be a little naughty, feel like a rebel, and have some carbs at 10PM.

The main thing you need to focus on is your daily caloric intake.

If you eat a bunch of junk food like burgers, beers, and chips throughout the day and then think having only salad after 7PM is going to make everything A-ok, you crazy!

But remember, I’m not saying you have to eat carbs at night. More like, don’t freak out if you end up grabbing that scoop of rice or small slice of cake.  It’s not going to make you gain weight or get fat.  That comes from what you consume throughout the WHOLE day, not just after 7PM.

What many people like about having carbs at night and using that carryover towards their training the next day, is not having to worry about having an upset stomach from their meal they ate an hour before their training session.

The Main Take-Away

Eat pasta, rice, or whatever you want at night time. Eating carbs earlier in the day isn’t the answer towards losing weight.  I want to let you know that carbs at night doesn’t turn into fat.

Too much junk food and calories throughout the day is what causes you to gain fat.

What do you think about this? Are you still confused or have any questions? Get the questions




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  1. This is some great advice. I’ve come to learn that all of the macros have their place in our diets and we just need to figure out how to manipulate them for our benefit.

    Each does something tremendous for our bodies, especially carbs. Once we learn how to time our consumption properly carbs can help us bulk, cut, or anything in between.


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