Nov 252013
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drink water

I’ll be straight up with you, I spend more money on supplements than I do on clothes.  If it came down to buying a tub of protein or a replacement for my jeans with a puka in them, I’d go with the PROTEIN.  Any day.

In the health and fitness industry game, it’s crazy to see how much people will spend to solve some sort of problem. It’s either to gain weight, build more muscle, and of course lose fat or weight.  I really don’t care about weight loss, I care more about fat loss.

Yes, there’s a difference.

But this post is to give you the easiest and simplest solution for fat loss.

You see, I have this thing against Dr. Oz.  I’m happy he’s all for helping people and always gives the new and ‘ground breaking’ way to lose fat and be healthy.  Awesome. When he says this herb, product, or diet will help you lose weight, everyone climbs on board like a bunch of cockroaches on a candy bar.

They are willing to throw down money for some quick fix.

Then I have a lot of family and friends asking me what I think about this and that since I’m into all this fitness and strength stuff.


Let’s all be honest, you don’t drink enough water.  Even I have a bad habit of not getting my water intake all the time.  I also coached a lot of people who I found to not drink enough water.

You know how important water is.  It’s the most essential fluid in our body.  Hell, our bodies are made up of 50-65% of water.  By making sure your body is properly hydrated you naturally help your body with digestion and capability of absorbing nutrients.  Now that sounds pretty similar to what some of those fat loss herb concoctions say.

When it comes to training and athletic performance, water helps with your endurance, stamina, as well as strength.  Did you know hydrated muscles contract more efficiently? So for the bros, who are looking for that killer pump – drink more water.

So where does the fat loss factor of water come in other than improving bodily functions and performance?  The majority of peopleʻs first response of thirst is the thought being hungry.  I’ve done this many times.  After eating a plate lunch or something, I still would still feel hungry so I’d snack on a few other things to.  But during that whole sitting, I didn’t drink any water.

We are trained by food. When we feel a little empty in our stomach we instantly think of food rather than water.  If you are wondering how to suppress your diet because you are always feeling hungry or why you workouts have been sucking lately, look at your water intake.  The answer is right there and it’s basically free.

How much water should you drink? John Romaniello, a coach I respect and listen to over at Roman Fitness Systems, gives an easy recommendation to drink one liter per 50 lbs of bodyweight for people who train regularly and consistently.

So, if you are 200 lb guy that means you’ll be drinking 4 liters of water a day.  Simple.  Now I recommend for every cup of coffee you drink, have a glass of water.  I just had my cup of coffee, and now I’m working on my glass of water as I’m typing this post.


Simple enough right?  This is habit that we can all benefit from.  Carrying a bottle of water, asking for a glass of water along with our coffee, making sure we keep hydrated through practices and training sessions, and if your pee is a funky color and has an odor – start hydrating.

So before you go and get this herb, syrup, powder, or whatever because Dr. Oz or your trainer said so – it’s important to make sure you have the foundation of life settled – drink your water.

Here’s a quick overview of the importance of water:

  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Improves training performance
  • Secretes by-products of fat from the body
  • No calories (taking in less calories aids in fat loss)
  • Improves energy and thinking
  • Increases your metabolism and improves your digestive system

Ha! I’m sure if someone was looking for a weight management supplement and came across a product that claimed these things, they would be very interested in purchasing it.

Drink your water – cover the basics first before you start anything.





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