Jan 02 2014

Eating cotton candy makes me feel ecstatic!  Trust me, my cousin got me a Cotton Candy maker for Christmas because he overheard that it’s a huge weakness of mine. Depending on what I eat, my mood may change, food is an important component of hormones that affect emotions. You can even think over a coffee shop business plan, they say it's a profitable business. Mostly because it brings a nostalgic feeling of being a kid walking around the baseball park with my teammates after playing our game, which we usually won [read more...]

Posted by on 12/30/2013
Dec 30 2013

The fog covered the road while the temperature continued to fall.   A small patch of blue sky faded and brake lights of cars became the only thing visible. My wife, her sister, and her sister’s friend were sleeping as I drove north to Seattle listening to Taylor Swift’s, Love Story, humming to myself. The

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Dec 26 2013

Aloha. Howdy. Whaddup! So the title pretty much says it all. But starting in January, The Aipa Project is going to a whole new level by offering an Online Coaching Program to build up Team Kū even more. With that said, I want to help YOU get to your next level. I’m not doing this January thing

Dec 06 2013
Send Aloha Around the World

Together we can make a difference. You see, there are different sides to The Aipa Project.  When I first started this blog I only wrote about training, being strong, and nutrition, but that’s not what life is all about.  There’s more to life than just that.  Hell, there’s more to me than just that. In [read more...]

Dec 04 2013
Fitness and its Simplicity

Information is good.  But too much can leave you confused. Fitness is a topic many make more confusing than it really is.  There are magazines saying you ‘have’ to do this, then a so-called fitness guru says do that, a celebrity did this type of diet and workout, and your friends are telling you they [read more...]