Aloha Friday Workout #2

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 06/22/2012
Jun 222012

It’s Pau Hana Time! It’s time to let loose and enjoy the weekend.  But to follow up on my last Aloha Friday post, I’ve decided to make this a weekly program for you to check in weekly for your Aloha Friday Workout.

If you know you have to get in the gym before you head out for a night of fun with friends then this is what you should be doing.  Why? Because – you’ll be sweating buckets, increasing your metabolism, and burning fat for hours after the workout.  Hell, while you are drinking your crown royal on the rocks you’ll be getting shredded.

So let’s get to business.


It is finally 5 o’clock and workday is done – FRIDAY BABY! You know you have to get into the gym to do something before you head out with your friends. I mean who doesn’t want to feel good after for the night from having a great workout. But, it’s going to be crazy at the gym because everyone has the same idea.

You have dinner plans with your friends at 7PM, and you want to start the weekend off right with a solid training session. And you want to be in and out of the gym within 20 – 30 minutes.  Well here is your Aloha Friday Workout #2 that will have you swimming in a pool of sweat and feeling mean (by the way – “mean” in Hawaii is pidgin for solid, cool, awesome, good)

Pidgin Lesson:
Pidgin: Whoa dat was one mean lift.
English: Wow, that was one heck of a workout.

Aloha Friday Workout #2

I’m all of about efficiency and effectiveness when you are pressed for time.  Complete this Barbell Complex and you will probably be cursing my name by the end of the workout but that’s ok.  That means you did it right (enter evil laugh). We are not here to train for hypertrophy or strength stimulus. Since you have to be in and out  of the gym we want more of a metabolic stimulus to blast off the stubborn fat.

For this workout, make sure you use a weight for your weakest lift because you do not want to let go of the bar.  I’ve done Complexes using 95lbs to just give you an idea. If this is your first go at a Complex and you are unsure about how much weight to use? Just perform this workout with an empty olympic bar.  It will still challenge you.  Leave your ego at the door or it will be quickly crushed if you try to load up on this Complex, and that pretty girl on the elliptical won’t want your number any more.

Aipa’s Barbell Complex;

1. Hang Clean




2. Front Squat





3.  Push Press





4. Alternating Lunges








5. Bent Over Row





6. Deadlift






7. Barbell Roll Outs




Perform this workout in a circuit, doing exercises with no rest in between.  For each exercise perform 6 reps.  That is one round. Rest 90 seconds before you start the next round.  Strive to complete anywhere from 4-5 rounds of this circuit.  If you feel like your heart is going to jump out of your throat and choke you, that’s what I call – The Sweet Spot!





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