Dec 092013
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socrates quote

No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. – Socrates

I was rummaging through quotes that I saved from magazines, articles, and books I keep in one of my notebooks when I came across this quote from Socrates.

I thought to myself.

That’s Kū.

I get asked quite often why I must workout or if I really measure my food?

To simply answer those questions, I workout because I love it and no I do not always measure my food, although as I get closer to competition prep time, I will be.

Our bodies are capable of doing amazing things.

I love the human body and it’s capabilities, especially when it comes to performance.

It’s an obsession I have.

When it comes to helping others build a Kū body, my tool is the gym.  In the gym or during any physical training an individual’s character is revealed and can be built.  Many don’t see it that way.  Training to me is more spiritual rather than physical.  When it comes to becoming strong, healthy, and fit you are not an amateur.  

Your health is your wealth.  Yes you are not getting paid to workout, eat healthy, perform, or get a six pack.  But what you are doing is getting paid through investing in your health.

I have many relatives who say “If only I took better care of my body.” They say this now because they have to constantly visit the doctor, take medication, are in pain, and spend their hard earned money on trying to regain their health.

Stop Being Amateur

Your health is your job.  In my book, Aloha to You, many thought I would begin with talking about your health.  Nope.

I worked from the inside out.  I talk about what Mana is, and how Mana can build up your spirit and help you become an influential leader.  Then as you build up your Mana, you have more capability to give Aloha and make a difference in your community.

So now if you have all of this Mana and can give all of this Aloha, but you didn’t take care of your body – then the influence you have could be short lived.

When it comes to building a Kū body, it’s not an amateur gig.  When you make that decision to be Kū, you are signing a contract with yourself and you are becoming a professional of your own body.

You are on your way towards seeing the beauty and strength your body is capable of.

Aloha and Be Kū!

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