4 Thoughts on Self-Discipline

 Posted by on 11/14/2013
Nov 142013
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1.  Create habits and find ways to enjoy them.  Let’s be honest, waking up an hour or two hours before you head out for work isn’t very enjoyable when you first start out.  This may be as early as 430AM for some.  But whenever you are trying to create a new habit, it’s important to make it enjoyable or it won’t last for more than a week.

2.  Have a clear purpose. There will be times when you want to give up because it’s becoming more difficult.  Reasons like “I want to look good” or “it would be cool” or “my doctor said to” or “I don’t know” won’t help you during challenging times.  You have to go below the surface.

3.  Kick self-doubt’s ass.  You know that little negativity voice in your head that brings out all your worse fears which makes your question yourself.  Learn to not listen to it by bringing in more positivity and surround yourself with support.  You can be your best motivator or worse discourager.

4.  Be naluTake your time and go with the flow.  Don’t try to do everything all at once or else you will become overwhelmed.  Do one small thing each day to create a change.  It’s about creating mini-successes to build a huge success.



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