ʻAI PONO: Health Benefits of Hearty Greens

“I don’t like vegetables” I said to my wife during our first date in college at Jack in the Box. “Really?” she asked as I chomped down on a burger with lettuce and tomatoes. “Yup.” “Do you like, lettuce?” “Oh ya.” “Do you like broccoli?” she questioned wondering when I…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Turkish Get-up

turkish get up

The Turkish Get-up (TGU) is an exercise that reveals your weaknesses, flexibility, mobility, strength and more.  It’s pretty much something I need to spend more time on. I understand the functions of the Turkish Get-up but there are many more coaches out there who have quite a bit more experience…

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Team Kū Makes a Difference


Mahalo Team Kū and to all those who supported the BE KŪ and Make a Difference Campaign.  By our combined efforts we were able to raise a total of $282.54.  We will be donating %50 of the profits to the Laulima Giving Program who assist underprivileged families year round and…

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5 Ideas To Shake up Your Work Routine

Look of reflection

Building a Kū body and living a Kū life focuses not only on physical fitness but also helps others excel in what they do to live, like their work.  If you only focus on your physical health, by default, you will also be working on your mental and spiritual health, once you start…

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‘AI PONO – Health benefits of ‘Ahi Tuna


Whenever I’m away from Hawaii and people ask, “What is the one food you miss the most from home.” Without hesitation, I answer, “‘Ahi Poke.” Now I’m a purist.  I don’t like all the different varieties of poke they have these days.  It’s a waste of good fish.  I like…

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Creating Your Own Push/Pull/Leg Split


I’ve tried various programs but one of the training splits I enjoyed and went in line with my personality, was the Push/Pull/Leg split. Yes, training programs should go in line with your personality and your lifestyle.  When I did this training split, I was going to the gym 4-5 days a…

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Focus Mondays: How to Start The Week Kū

You either can’t wait for Monday to come or you hate when Monday arrives. Majority of the people, hate Mondays.  I actually wrote two related posts about Mondays. 80% Hate Their Jobs How to Enjoy Monday Morning: 5 Useful Ways It’s Sunday as I’m writing this. I’m outside on a balcony and…

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