Bringing up the Rear - Part 2

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 02/06/2012
Feb 062012
Bringing up the Rear - Part 2

So in my first post of this series, Bringing up the Rear – Part 1. I gave a few exercises to help activated the glute muscles. Like I said before, I think that the rear is the most important important muscle when it comes to athletic performance. That’s where all the power comes from. Now [...]

The Aipa Project 'ELUA (two)

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 01/30/2012
Jan 302012
The Aipa Project 'ELUA (two)

Lately, I’ve been focusing so much on work.  My biggest passion has always been to help others achieve their goals.  At work, I’ve added more to my work load in order to do so.  More work? Word.  Worth it? Hell yea.  Now that I’m in the routine of things going on I think it is [...]

Jan 222012
Olympic vs Power Lifts: Explosive Power

In the strength and conditioning world there will be an ever lasting debate on what is best for building power.  As a strength coach myself, it is a question I come across on a daily basis.  Most athletic programs out there incorporate Olympic lifts (cleans, snatch, jerks, etc.) as one of the main tools.  I [...]

Coke Bottles and Juicy Double

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 01/04/2012
Jan 042012
Coke Bottles and Juicy Double

She’s  fine like a supermodel Built like a coke bottle Hips like handle bars Shorty’s stopping all the cars -Ying Yang Twins Hips like a handle bars? I have no clue what that means.  Guess I’m not up with some of the rap vernacular. Maybe it’s because January is here that I’m reminiscing about all [...]

Jan 012012
Why Fitness New Year's Resolutions Fail

January and February are when the most people decided to join a gym to lose weight or put on muscle.  By the end of February the number quickly plummets and its back to the normal people with a couple resolutioners are still holding on. My first January as a personal trainer at a commercial gym [...]

Broaden Your Horizon - Aipa's Christmas Quick Reads

Like many of you, I find myself constantly surfing the internet.  There is so much information out there.  Some good.  Some bad.  For me, I find myself reading articles at the usual sites I visit daily.  During my Christmas vacation I had some time to read and came across several solid articles that I was [...]

Make Workouts EPOC

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 12/27/2011
Dec 272011
Make Workouts EPOC

Are you wondering how can you make your workouts more geared towards your goal? Lately I’ve been having a lot of conversations about fat loss. I expected this, especially with the New Year coming around. I want to give a quick overview of one key aspect that leads to fat loss. We all know in [...]

Dec 182011
C4 Tabata - Explosive Fat Loss

It’s the holiday season and many of us feel like we are packing on some holiday weight.  Some of us feel like it’s inevitable because of all the traveling, family gatherings, and company parties.  But what if all you needed was 4-minutes during the day to set aside for a quick workout. I’m talking about the Tabata Method. [...]

Suspension Training

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 12/13/2011
Dec 132011
Suspension Training

I’m all about the barbells, dumbbells, and iron plates.  That’s all I need! Yoga? Tried it.  Pilates? Tried it.  But nothing can take the place of the iron.  Then I tried suspension training.  I understand the benefits that yoga, pilates, and all those other classes have but I couldn’t come to terms with them.  When [...]

Bring up the Rear - Part 1

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 12/06/2011
Dec 062011
Bring up the Rear - Part 1

I’ve been asked, “What do you look for (physically) in a good athlete?” If you look at many good athletes, they all have one thing in common.  They have a big strong posterior chain.  Simply, they have a big butt! When you come across a person with muscular posterior chain there’s a good chance they [...]

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