Like many of you, I find myself constantly surfing the internet.  There is so much information out there.  Some good.  Some bad.  For me, I find myself reading articles at the usual sites I visit daily.  During my Christmas vacation I had some time to read and came across several solid articles that I was able to pick up a few tips and ideas here and there.

Girl Pull-up

Hopefully these articles will spark some ideas of your own:

1. My Fitness Bucket List; EliteFts
This article will give you a solid plan for your goals you want to achieve during the new year, or even the next week.  If you have goals, write them down where you can see them everyday.

2. 10 Exercises You’ve Never Tried: Back Edition; T-Nation
Ben Bruno has crazy strength.  There are a few guys that I’m very impressed with their strength.  Ben is one of them.  He shows some great back exercises that will challenge you.  I dare you to try them.

3. Your Body is a Barbell; No Dumbbells, No Barbells, No Problem; EliteFts
I’m learning more about how important bodyweight training is.  Alwyn Cosgrove gives a quick approach to training with you bodyweight, especially during the holiday season or while you are traveling.

4. Precision Nutrition; Top 10 Lessons for 2012; Precision Nutrition
John Berardi, at Precision Nutrition, offers a few lessons to make better choices in nutrition and offers advice on how to achieve the goal lean eating.

5. What My Dog Taught Me About Patience and Real Problems; The Nate Green Experience
I came across Nate Green’s blog several months ago, and I’ve read a plethora of his blog posts.  In one of his most recent blogs he offers a great learning experience through watching how his dog goes through life.

How can you not want to live like a dog


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