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It’s the holiday season and many of us feel like we are packing on some holiday weight.  Some of us feel like it’s inevitable because of all the traveling, family gatherings, and company parties.  But what if all you needed was 4-minutes during the day to set aside for a quick workout.

I’m talking about the Tabata Method. The name Tabata comes from a Japanese researcher, Dr. Izumi Tabta, and was used by the Japanese speed skating team to increase their anaerobic and aerobic training capacity.  I put my take on it and call it C4 Tabata because by the end of the workout you feel like your heart is going to explode.

Tabatas can be used as conditioning after a workout if you dare to try.  You can use barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettle bells, bodyweight, and more. But today I’m going to focus it on being a quick workout during your day to get some kind of physical activity in your own home using just your bodyweight. This type of training is simple, effective, and you don’t need any equipment (maybe a mop, and some towels to wipe up the sweat).

So what does this workout entail?

All it takes is 4-minutes of your time.  Each Tabata interval consists of 20-seconds of high intensity work (as hard as you can go) followed by 10-seconds of rest. This interval is repeated for 8 rounds which totals 4 minutes.   Simple enough right?

Remember, for 20-seconds you are going as hard as possible and taking yourself to the limit.  If you aren’t challenging yourself, then you won’t get the full benefits of the workout.  Of course, if your fitness level isn’t at it’s best please perform tabatas with caution.

So Will I Lose Fat?

I don’t want to get your hopes up with this and make you think you can enjoy all the holiday festivities, do this workout, and you will be okay.  Although tabatas are great for fat loss and improving work capacity, the diet is what what will separate tabatas being used for fat loss or conditioning.  But something is better than nothing, right?

The Aipa Project – C4 Tabatas

Basic Tabatas call for using only one exercises for the whole 4 minutes.  I prefer to use 2, 4, or even 8 exercises that tax the whole body because I’ve found that you can achieve better results.  Using several exercises will create a higher metabolic demand because it involves more muscles. Simply put, the more muscle you use during a workout, means more energy expended, which leads to fat loss. Plus, I can’t imagine doing just squats for the whole 4 minutes.

So let’s get to the C4 Tabatas

C4 Tabata #1 (2 exercises)

1. Burpees – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
2. Mountain Climbers – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
Repeat  the 2 exercises 3 more times.

C4 Tabata #2 (4 exercises)

1. Speed Squats  or Jump Squats- 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
2. Push ups – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
3.  Lunges or Alt. Jumping Lunges – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
4. Half Burpees – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
Repeat each exercises 1 more time

C4 Tabata #3 (8 exercises)

1. Mountain Climbers – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
2. Push ups – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
3. Burpees – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
4. Jumping Jacks – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
5.  Speed Squats or Jump Squats – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
6.  Plank Fast Hands or Planks – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
7.  Lunges or Alt. Jumping Lunges – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
8.  Iso Squat Hold – 20 seconds

C4 Tabatas Work/Rest Variations

For those of you who are unsure how in shape you really are, here are a few tips on what you can do to gradually progress in to completing a full Tabata. Instead of doing 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest, start with doing work for only 10 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds.  When that work/rest ratio gets easier, try and perform the C4 Tabata with a 15/15 ratio, then from there you can progress to the traditional protocol of 20/10.

Final Thoughts

The C4 Tabatas are just skimming the surface of what is out there.  Now since you have read this article, you don’t have any excuses for not getting in a workout during the holiday season.  If you want to be creative, you can always use your own exercises.  Give the C4 Tabatas a try before you venture out on your own.  Just give it your all for 4-Minutes, and enjoy the rest of your day.


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  1. Excellent Idea! I’ll have to mix these in with my training next week! Merry Christmas Aipa!

  2. Thanks Edwin! I believe these little mini workouts or “finishers” are great additions to anyone’s training program.

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