Sep 142012
Becoming a Minimalist: Living Pono

So let me throw out this interesting fact about myself… In estimation, I ride my bike 8 miles a day. I work 5 days a week so that leads to 40 miles. So, in a month I ride 160 miles. That means in one year, I’ve done 1,920 miles. That’s pretty much from Redlands in [read more...]

Sep 052012
6 Reasons Fish Oil is Essential

Everyone should be taking fish oil.  Being a strength and conditioning coach, I am constantly asked about supplements. “Coach, what do you think about ________?” or “What are the best supplements I should be taking?” Everyone is looking for that edge.  But to remind you – I competed in a natural bodybuilding competition with the [read more...]

Find Your Happiness

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 09/03/2012
Sep 032012
Find Your Happiness

I think every company, every organization, every team, every school, every household should have a position called Chief Happiness Officer.  I’m serious. And it’s real. Did you know that delivering happiness to the world is an actual movement that is being shared by a team led by Jenn Lim, CEO and Chief Happiness Office of [read more...]

Exercise Improves Happiness

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 08/29/2012
Aug 292012
Exercise Improves Happiness

One of the driving forces behind The Aipa Project’s ‘Build a Ku Body’ is my passion of strength and fitness.  I believe when someone improves their overall health will in turn improve in other areas and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.  In order to build a physically Ku body you must strive for [read more...]

Sharing the Aloha Spirit

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 08/27/2012
Aug 272012
Sharing the Aloha Spirit

Hawaiian people are very spiritual.  We believe the Aloha Spirit is within everyone and everything.  Most think of the word Aloha as a simple – hello or good-bye. This is the focus of building a Ku body – spiritually. But, it goes way deeper than that.  When I say Aloha I am speaking from my [read more...]

Aug 232012
Ho'omau: 3P's Towards Greatness Part 3

Here is my last installment about achieving greatness.  If you are just joining me, please check out my first 2 parts – Persistence and Perseverance. The last “P” towards achieving greatness is, Prevail.  Also known as the Hawaiian word – Lanakila. Prevail is the last of the 3P’s Towards Greatness because after you’ve gone through [read more...]

Keep a Positive Attitude

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 08/22/2012
Aug 222012
Keep a Positive Attitude

Becoming Mentally Ku – With a Positivity A positive attitude in life will make daily activities so much better and you will be able to promote the Aloha Spirit with everyone you encounter.  For instance, yesterday morning I had to be at work at 5:30 AM to test the women’s soccer team at 6:00AM for [read more...]

Aug 202012
4 Keys to Building Self Confidence

My Story about Self-Confidence Mana’o’i’o I came across an interesting Hawaiian Value about Self-Confidence known as Mana’o’i’o ((MA na oh EE oh).  Mana’o’i’o is also defined as – faith; to believe in onself. This got me thinking.  Whenever I come across something inspiring or influential such as a book, word, quote, or an observation, I [read more...]

Aug 172012
Ho'omau; 3P's Towards Greatness Part 2

I’ve been researching into the question of: What is greatness? In the first installment of Ho’omau, I talked about persistence. Today, I will dive deeper into my 3P’s Towards Greatness by continuing with Perseverance.  Before I start I wanted to open with these few phrases for you to reflect on; Nana I kou maka – Look [read more...]

Aug 102012
Renegade Strength with Coach Jason Ferruggia

I never met this guy or even came in contact with him.  But he’s definitely Building a Ku Body and is ahead of the game. He’s definitely got the physical part of it and I’m sure  he is strong in the other areas of life. I visit many sites and blogs that talk about strength [read more...]

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