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If this is your first time visiting The Aipa Project: Build a Ku Body - Aloha and E komo mai (welcome).

The Aipa Project’s philosophy, Build a Ku Body, is about learning how to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life spiritually, mentally, and physically. There is quite a bit of content for you to go through, so just cruise through it whenever you can.  This blog isn’t going anywhere.

I strongly believe that everyone has  a higher purpose in life and something to share with the world. We all have a unique gift and are designed to do something with it.  It is up to us to find what exactly that is, and what to do with it.

My mission through this blog is to share with you the philosophy of ‘Build a Ku Body” and the powerful lessons of the Hawaiian values that has been passed down from my ancestors to the world.  Through learning what it means to behold the Aloha spirit, we can all live a happier and meaningful life; spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Let’s Build a Ku Body together.


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My goal is to give you content that will help you towards a Ku Body and add value to your life.  You can unsubscribe anytime you want, although I hope you would like to stick around.


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Insight of My Vision and Mission

Start reading here: There is a ton of content here and it’s constantly growing.  Before you start going through the site, I recommend you start off with these popular posts that will give you an insight of my vision:

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Browse the rest of the archives: Those are the most popular posts and also gives you a good idea if this website is a place for you. To see the rest of my posts you can head over to my Archives. Don’t feel overwhelmed it’s quite a list and only growing.  I’ve categorized it into three groups: Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually Ku for you.

Who am I?

My elevator pitch: With my passion for strength and fitness, I inspire others to live a meaningful and fulfilling life physically, mentally, and spiritually while sharing the Spirit of Aloha.

I believe if you embrace the spirit of Aloha you can make a positive impact on the world. Care to join me?

Want to know me more? You can check out my About page.

Contact Me

I welcome e-mails and I always respond.  I am here for you.  If you have any questions, want to tell me your story, or would like to submit a guest post please feel free to email me at:

[email protected]


Aloha. Mahalo. A hui hou.
(Good-bye. Thank you. Until we meet again)






  2 Responses to “Start Here”

  1. Aipa!

    This is such a wonderful blog! I have been reading your blog posts off and on since you started this blog and you are doing extremely well. The posts are interesting and insightful at the same time. What truly makes this blog great though is the effort you put forth to make it so personal, the little stories, and anecdotes, and pictures you include in every post about yourself, personal experiences, and your family take the blog to another level.

    Thank you for creating this blog and sharing a way of life with me and everyone else that reads this. I find value and opportunity in all of your posts, because blogs like this actually help younger people like me learn about life at a younger age. Great work, keep writing, and lets hangout sometime in Redlands!

  2. Kizz,

    Thanks for commenting and I appreciate your blog. I’m glad you find value in my blog and hope it inspires you in to the right direction. And yes, we definitely should hang out at some point. Mahalo and Aloha.

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