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Here, you will find a list of the my most popular posts.  Also, I’ve broken down all of my posts on this site and archived them according their particular Ku category: physically, mentally, and spiritually.  If this is your first meeting with my site, I highly suggest you read over what I’m all about.

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.

Popular Posts

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Start Living Your Life
Sharing the Aloha Spirit
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My Addiction

Physically Ku

Gain Control of Your Health
6 Reasons Why Fish Oil is Essential
Exercise Improves Happiness
Guidelines to Burn More Fat: Interval Training
10 Fat Burning Foods
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Leg Training Around Knee Pain
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Do What you Suck At
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Suspension Training
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Prisoner of the Treadmill
Chemotherapy Exercise Program
Standing Overhead Press: A Lost Art
Want a Bigger Bench?
Muscle Building Protein Pancakes
Super Chest Day Workout
Personal Trainer: Red Flags
Aipa on

Mentally Ku

Be Authentic. Be You.
Find Your Happiness
Start Living Your Life
Ho’omau: What is Greatness? Part 3
Keep a Positive Attitude
4 Keys to Building Self Confidence
Ho’omau: What is Greatness? Part 2
Ho’oamu: What is Greatness? Part 1
Renegade Strength and Conditioning Coach
Every Day a Successful Day – Starting Before Breakfast
Join my new Project: Build a Ku Body
Interview with Steve Shaw
There is Life After Sports
5 Things My Cats Taught Me
4 Reasons Why to Write Your Goals Down
Never Stop Learning
Yes, I workout. So What?
Why Work so Hard?
What’s Going On?
5 Recent Realizations
Aipa’s Favorite Reads of the Week: 1/7/2012
To Freedom with Beer
Why Fitness New Year’s Resolutions Fail
Random Things I Learned in 2011
Leaders Inspire Action
3 Ways to Kickstart the Day Off Right
5 Elements of Success: Part 3
Paralysis By Analysis
5 Elements of Success: Part 2
5 Elements of Success: Part 1
The Last Hurrah of East Coast
Road Trip – Reflection
I Got a Thing For Brunettes
5 Ways to Stay Motivated
Observe and Learn

Spiritually Ku

Becoming a Minimalist: Living Pono
The Power of You
Sharing the Aloha Spirit

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