Day 9: Lōkahi – Keep the Good Fat

live lokahi

In nutrition there are good and bad fats.

The good fats are known for reducing heart disease, lower cholesterol, reduce the symptoms of depressions, hypertensions, and joint pain to name a few.  They also boost your immune system and plays an essential role in the health of the membrane of every cell in our body.

The bad fats are known to increase your chances coronary heart disease and increase your cholesterol.  They cause clogging of the vessels, also known as athersclerosis.  Blocked vessels to the heart can lead to a heart attack, while blocked vessels to the brain and lead to a stroke.

Now why am I talk about fats?

Because the comparison between the good and bad fats can be the same with good and bad relationships.  We can’t get through life being alone, we need the support of others; friends, family, mentors, and colleagues.

I feel great when I’m surrounded by my core group of friends because they are always smiling, positive, joking around, and enjoying life.  They keep me being creative, positive, and inspire me to pursue my vision.  It’s essential to live an influential life.

Meaningful relationships show support, trust, and loving encouragement.

You may have a bunch of people you hang out with, but it’s important to ask yourself if they are they bringing value and meaning into your life?  Like the bad fats, there are people who are detrimental to our lives.  They bring us down with their negativity, they are unsupportive, and they always take from the relationship but never give back.

It’s exhausting.

But yet, we stay in those types of relationships because of the convenience.  Most likely they are an old friend or a coworker, and making new friends is too much work. But so is holding on to those bad relationships.

Find Lōkahi in Your Relationships

Lōkahi can be translated as “harmony and unity.” If we look at the health benefits of the good fats, it allows our body to stay healthy and strong all the way down to each cell in our bodies. Lōkahi is about being able to recognize the value in others while also accepting their differences.

The bad fat, bad relationships, that clog up our lifeline are things we need to let go.  I know, it’s much easier said than done.  But it must be done, if you are looking at living a meaning and fulfilling life.  The negative relationships we hold on to become a part of our identity.  It becomes who we are.

Be Ku and Let Go

The Ku Lifestyle is about letting go.  It’s about casting away all of the bad and negativity we hold on to that makes us feel unstable; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It’s about standing strong and firm in who we believe we are, what means the most to us, and why we are here.

In order to be Ku, you can’t be held back by others who do not keep you grounded and only take from you.

Take a look at the relationships you have, think of all the people you spend time with and ask yourself how are they bringing value to you.  It’s also important for you to ask, How am I bringing value to them? Remember, as much as I’m telling you to look outward, you must look inward as well.

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