Day 8: Ahonui – Keep it Ku

Standing Zen-like with my coffee in Inchon, Korea

I’d be lying to you if I said I was always patient.

I’m sure there are times when other people just get the best of you and test your patience.  It could be the person who drives 25 mph in a 35 mph speed zone, the boss who piles work on your table and asking you for it to be done yesterday, stand-still traffic at 9pm on the freeway because of roadwork, but I’m sure there is something that just gets to you.

It’s a situation or person that gets in your head and really puts a damper on your day.  You think of the things you would do or say, you go through ideas of how you would have done it better and smarter.  And then you find yourself feeling like crap the rest of the day.

As patient as I am, there are moments where I imagine lightning striking a person and not-so-kind words are being thrown around in my head.  Maybe flames burst in my eyes too.

All in all, it’s not very good.

So how can we find Ahonui, patience?

I thought about what happens when I get all worked up, and came up with a few things that helps me to keep it Ku when my patience is tested :

First, I acknowledge that I’m about to blow a gasket and loosing my Ku.  I don’t get upset with myself for feeling this way, because it’s an emotion everyone feels and has.

As I feel my heart rate increase, I become mindful of my breathing.

I tell myself that I have no control of the situation or the person.  I reaffirm that I’m in control of my thoughts and have the decision to allow my day be ruined or not.

I realize that life is too short in order to allow this anger and frustration get the best of me which could also have an effect on others around me, not just me.

Emotions are contagious and can cause an outbreak.

I breathe.

Sometimes I do this multiple times.  Finding patience isn’t always easy, but allowing the frustration and anger that comes with not being patient can be worse.

It’s your decision.

The next time your patience is being tested, be mindful of the moment and do a self evaluation of how you feel and what you are thinking.

Follow these simple steps of – BREATHE

B -reathe in

R -ealize the situation

E -valuate your body’s reaction

A -ccept that it’s okay

T -hankful for life

H -onest with the decision of letting it go

E -xhale


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