Day 5: Pono – Declutter Your Mind

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Simplicity is a beautiful thing

Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.

- Linda Breen Pierce

I am a minimalist.

I try not to own things I feel are unnecessary and I drive my wife crazy when I tell her I want to throw stuff out or make a Goodwill run.

But today isn’t about getting rid of your things, or donating half of your clothes, or realizing you have too much shoes that you never wear and should probably give them away.  But if that’s something you are interested in, here are 15 Great Decluttering Tips from Leo Baubata at Zen Habits.

The focus today is about decluttering your mind.

Over the past 4 days, you did a lot of reflection and thinking.  How’d that go? If you were completely honest with yourself and open to the process, you probably noticed how much stuff you have on your mind and keep inside.

There are voices in our heads that are constantly talking.  Some of us are constantly thinking about this task or that task or what that person said.  Or maybe the past creeps up on your present and drags it back down.  It’s this kind of a mental clutter that we need to get rid of.

Things you own end up owning you.

- Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Cast it out

The negativity and painful moments you have inside, take root within you.  As a kid I was told I was stupid and wouldn’t go very far.  I started to believe that.  I even have the proof to show it because in 7th grade I had to write a letter to the future 12th grader, and the thoughts I had was alarming.

If you aren’t happy with the circumstances you are in then you need to change it.  Feel like you can’t? Then you won’t with that sort of attitude.

Remember you made the decision to become Ku, stand tall and strong.  This is the moment.

When I began this journey, I remembered all the past memories that planted bad seeds in my mind.  Those bad thoughts took root in my mind and became who I was.  I blamed certain circumstances for putting me in bad situations.

I knew I had to change in order to see change in my life. I attacked the negative thoughts.  I didn’t want to be those things that people said I was, because that wasn’t me. I stopped associating with certain people, and the most important person to kick to that curb is your unauthentic self.

Be Pono, Starting Today

Pono means righteousness, and to be pono means to have alignment and balance with all things in life.  Before we can make the impact and difference that we are all capable of, it’s important to find pono within yourself.  Make things right with yourself.

When I decided to make things right with myself, I wrote down who I believed was my and who I wanted to be in a list form. Then I looked over each one and thought about what was holding me back from being like that.  A past experience? The people I associated with?

I lacked the confidence to ask a question to any stranger, which was caused by my years working on a speech impediment and people making fun of the way I spoke.

In order to get better, I knew I had to make things right with myself.  I needed to declutter my mind from all the unnecessary thoughts, experiences, and items that weighed me down.  I want you to do the same.  By decluttering your mind, you will feel a sense of freedom and a sense of self.  Many of us try to fit the mold of what we believe others say we are or think we should be.

The Ku Life, is about taking a stand and being strong to what you believe, who you are, and WHY you are here on his land – your purpose.


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