Day 4: Nānā i ke Halawai: Look to the Horizon


The car broke down.  I was stuck at Sandy’s Beach.

I sat on the curb, dangled my feet over the edge, and looked towards the horizon while I waited for my ride.  I watched a set of waves roll in and crash on the shore, it was complete chaos.  Then the ocean was serene.

Breathe, Daniel . I told myself.

I was upset, who am I kidding, I was pissed off and frustrated because I had wanted to get a bunch of things done.  And there I was sitting on my ass and twiddling my thumbs.

Breathe . I said again.

As I calmed my spirit, another set rolled in.  I looked out to the horizon and allowed my spirit to wander.

Yesterday, I talked about how observing your surroundings and past for answers and guidance.  Today, is about looking to the horizon and moving forward.

There is a Hawaiian saying:

My hope lies in the future, my strength lies in the past, my survival lies in the joining of the two.

As important as it is to look to the past for strength, it takes strength to look and move forward because sometimes we get stuck in the past.

As a kid, looking out to the horizon at Kailua beach made me feel very small and sometimes overwhelmed.  It was daunting because I had no idea what was out there.  Now, I’ve learned to embrace that feeling.  Instead of thinking of it as the unknown, I see it as possibilities and hope.

There’s an idea that when you travel to distant places, you will learn more about yourself.  I don’t quite agree with that.  The Ku Voyage, is about becoming stronger and it starts within.  You won’t find answers by going to distant places and experiencing new cultures.

It starts with the answers we have within and that is what terrifies many of us.

All the answers we need are right in front of us but yet we don’t want to go there.  Looking towards the horizon is a symbol of possibilities and what’s to come.  In order to be ready and to start living Ku, looking within yourself, bringing out your fears, uncertainties, and pains are essential towards being ready to Ho’omau , persevere, when new challenge arrives.

Today, take a moment to stare out at the horizon.  You can go anywhere; beach, park, a building, someplace where you can see a horizon.  Take time to reflect.  You can sit there in silence or read over what you wrote during the past 3 days.  When you are ready, think of all of your fears, uncertainties, negativity, pain, and doubts you hold inside you and write them down.  It doesn’t have to be super detailed.  Just start writing.

This is a huge day for you. Bringing up our fears, self doubts, and negativity is a time where we become completely open and honest to ourselves.  It can be scary because we’d rather run away from those feelings, but before we can move forward and become stronger we must be Ku, strong, and take a stand.

Just think of the possibilities.


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