Day 3: Nānā i ke Kumu – Look to the Source

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The art of writing, is the art of discovering what you believe. -Gustave Flaubert

I spent more than an hour figuring out my plan for the 30 Day Voyage to a Ku Lifestyle.  Itʻs important to have a plan, because it gives a purpose.  I also heard, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Each day allows you to discover things you didn’t know existed within you, things you are afraid of and don’t want to confront, and things to come.  It’s personal.

I didn’t start this voyage to find happiness, love, or any of that other fluff.  I’m searching for strength, for Ku!

Nānā i ke Kumu

Nānā meaning to look or aboserve and Kumu meaning source our teacher, which brings Nāna i ke Kumu to mean ‘Look to the Source’.

My mom tells me how important it is to look towards na kupuna, elders. Na kupuna withhold the wisdom and guidance gained through the many life experiences from their lives. She still spends time talking with them today because of the importance of perpetuating their lives and stories.

The lives we live are just that – stories.  And you are the author of your own story.

Nāna i ke Kumu has a very deep meaning and can been seen on many different levels.

The first 2 Days of the Voyage got a few things out in the open.  Maybe you came across something that surprised you.  I realized that I see myself as a Writer on the same level as I do as a Coach.

When you are in search for guidance, look towards na kupuna, nature, and other authority figures in your life.  Then can hold the answers your guidance you may be searching for. But, you must know just how strong and extraordinary you are as well.

It’s important to seek our authentic self, and be true to who we are.  This can be a hard thing to do for many because some have been told they are someone else.  I was told I was a retard, dumb, stupid, and wouldn’t get very far.  And while I grew up, I started to think that’s who I was.

The last two days you thought about your musts, maybe you even added more to your list, and then you wrote about your life when you do all the things you believe you must do.

Being seen on different levels, Nāna i ke Kumu, also means to look within yourself for guidance.  We all have the strength and well-being inside us, we just need to take time and discover it.

I’ve been working on living the Ku lifestyle for quite some time now, and I’m still searching for the strength.  That’s okay because part of life is the continuous effort of growing and learning.

Now as we look within, we can use our surroundings as the stars and moon to guide is in the right direction.  There are sources all around us; nature, na kupuna, ‘ohana, friends, children, and even strangers.  They can be older or younger than us.

But remember, as much as we are looking for guidance, someone else is doing the same and may be looking towards you. If you are taking on this Voyage, you may inspire someone else to go on their own Voyage as well.

As life goes on, observe your surroundings, take note of your thoughts and feelings, look within yourself and find your true authenticity and not what others think of you.

Today’s exercise is to think of the people and events that had a large impact on you.  They can be positive or negative.  In your journal, write down how you felt and what you took away from those experiences or interactions.  I’m sure there is a lot, so just limit yourself to 30 minutes to an hour of writing. There’s a lesson in everything, it just takes time to discover.

You will not have all of the answers.

Then again, when do we ever?

gustave flaubert

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