Day 28: Ola Kino – Build a Strong and Healthy Body

Great photo by Aaron Yoshino during a ha’a at Aha Kane 2012

One of my all time favorite quotes:

No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable of.

and how about this one:

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear
- Buddha

Ola Kino

Our bodies are meant to perform, to be strong and healthy.  In today’s society, there is too much of a separation between the mind, body, and soul.  In schools, physical education is taken away to fill it up with more class time.  And don’t let me even get into the disregard for the soul. At work, we are thrown behind a desk to sit on our ass for hours before we can regain energy and life back into our bodies.

Sometimes while I’m writing, I’ll stand up and just start lightly jumping up and down and relax my limbs and jaws so that my whole body just vibrates when I land on the ground.  It helps me waken up my body and get my mana flowing through my body.

The stronger your body is, the stronger your mind and spirit becomes.  Now I’m not saying we all have to start lifting tons of weight in order to become stronger.  We all have our own ways to be physically strong, but it is essential to life to strengthen our bodies.

The Hawaiian Value of Ola Kino doesn’t care about how much money you make, what sort of job you have, how much weight you can lift, or how much muscle you have. Ola Kino teaches us to embrace the body, mind, and soul as one.

Check Your Mana

Mana is simply the energy we harness. Mana flows within our bodies which is in contact as well as interacts with the energy that is around us in the world.  The way we hold our bodies and perform, is self-expression of who we are spiritually.

The quality of your mental health, physical strength, and spirit makes you stand out from others one way or another.

It is your duty to use your body the way it is meant to be used.