Day 26: Ho’okela – You Already hold Excellence

be content

I have a very broad audience that comes to my blog that come from many different interests and backgrounds.  The age range is very wide as well.  There are some who are still in college or younger and then there are na kupuna. It’s a humbling experience when I come across a kupuna coming over the house to visit my mom tell me she enjoys reading my blog.  I feel the same way when a former athlete still in California reaches out to thank me for the workout tips and for continuing to inspire others.

But no matter where we come from or who we are, we all desire to become better and stronger people.  That is what the Ku lifestyle is all about.  It’s the continuous effort of building a stronger body, mind, and spirit which we already possess.  We just have to work on accessing it.


The desire to improve my life and myself is what led to the The Aipa Project.  The interesting thing I’ve learned about the Ku Lifestyle is that we are already have excellence, it’s just that we have to bring it out.

Excellence comes when you can be content with who you are and where you are.  One of the lessons I learned as I began to become content, is from Leo Baubata of Zen Habits on the topic of what changes once you become content:

  • You no longer feel dissatisfied with yourself or your life.
  • You no longer spend so much time and energy wanting to change and trying to change.
  • You no longer compare yourself to other people, and wish you were better.
  • You can be happy, all the time, no matter what happens in the world around you.
  • Instead of trying to improve yourself, you can spend your time helping others.
  • You stop spending so much money on things that will supposedly improve your life.

Ho’okela is about finding excellence in the things we already have in our lives.  It’s not about wanting more clothes, a bigger car, bigger boobs, more muscles, large house, and an infinite shopping spree.  But it seems that’s what society shows as having excellence.

By striving for excellence, be base our life and excellence on someone else’s idea of what excellence is.  To me, that a bunch of shit because if we have to fit into the mold of what other’s expect, then you lose your authentic self which is who you are.

Ho’okela actually means to Strive for Excellence, but as I reflect on the Ancient Hawaiians, they were content with the simple things in life; food, family, a roof over their head, and clothing.  Yes, today’s world is a bit more complex than before,  but it doesn’t mean we have to make things more complicated than they already are.

When we focus on ourselves and tear away all the ideals that others say is success, excellence, perfection, or whatever else they call it, that is when you access your authentic self which is already excellent.



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