Day 22: Hoʻomau: How Persevere and Stay Committed

It always seems impossible until it’s done.
- Nelson Mandela

During this 30 Day Ku Voyage there has definitely I definitely came across some rockiness that made we rethink if I should continue this 30 Day Ku Voyage.

I either felt I was to busy to be writing about this and that I had other more important things to write about than my self-reflections on what it means to live a Ku life. Ho’omau teaches you to push through those times in order to be unceasing and committed to achieving a goal or completing a difficult task.

It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first.
- Miyamoto Musashi

Presently, I’m working on a new project which has always been a dream of mind – opening my own training facility to help other build a Ku body and guide them towards living a Ku life.

It’s called Kū Performance Hawaii .  Opening up my own training facility has always been the big vision of mine since I started college almost 11 years ago.  A lot of things have happened during that time but my vision has always been to be able to open the doors to my own gym.

There will be times where you feel like you should throw in the towel and maybe move in a different direction.  Or maybe you shouldn’t reach to high.  There are a few things I found that helps you Ho’omau.

1. Have a Clear Vision:

Don’t hold back from your vision.  Think as big at you want.  We tend to think on a smaller scale because thinking bigger seems impossible or crazy.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
- Steve Jobs

The Hawaiian culture has gone through a lot after the westernization of the Hawaiian islands.  For those of us who identify more with our Hawaiian heritage, there is a sense of feeling lost, frustration, and shame.  Native Hawaiians are at high risk of heart disease and diabetes.  Native Hawaiians lead in poverty, domestic violence, drugs, alcoholism, and gambling. Especially among the Hawaiian men..

I believe this is because the Native Hawaiians have lost their purpose or have forgotten it.  They have forgotten how strong, fit, smart, proud, and healthy the Native Hawaiians were.

So for me, when I talk about thinking big and having a clear vision.  I see Kū Performance Hawaii bringing a sense of strength, fitness, pride, health, and contribution to the community back to the people of Hawaii and offering them a positive outlet instead of heading down the other road where many have gone.

That’s my vision.  It’s not about having a gym full of weights, getting people stronger, and making them sweat.  That’s thinking too small.  My vision goes beyond the horizon and into the world of possibilities.

2. Have the Support:

It’s very difficult to do things alone.  Every successful and influential person had support, even if it was one just person.  They had some sort of support to keep them focused when times got difficult.

A difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose – a cause to pursue, a person to love, a goal to achieve.
- John Maxwell

I’ve had times when I thought to myself, “ What the hell am I doing?” I went through phases where I felt I was in quick sand that I was sinking and couldn’t breathe because in my mind, I wasn’t moving anywhere in life.

But then I always have my wife to slap me across the head when I get in one of those modes.  I’ll be honest with you, owning your own business in a challenge.  If you own your own business, I’m sure you understand.  Workings towards my vision can look very daunting at times.  But she gives me the whole lecture with a swift kick in the ass, and most importantly, she asks me, “Will doing anything else other than working towards your main goal make you feel as happy and fulfilled?”

Damn, my wife is smart.

Final Thoughts

Ho’omau, persevere through the difficult times.  When you reach those difficult times where you feel tested, that means a victory is right around the corner that’ll set you up for the next opportunity.  Visions and goals don’t come easy but it’s not about the destination.  The journey towards your vision is what brings meaning and fulfillment when you do reach it.

Stay Ku!