Day 21: Maʻemaʻe – Cleanse the Body and Spirit

ocean cleanse

To live Ku, you must stand up against all the negativity you hold on to and let them go.  I like the saying:

If it doesn’t nourish the soul, get rid of it.

The Hawaiian value of Maʻemaʻe shows just that. Maʻemaʻe reminds us to seek cleanliness both physically and spiritually in order to be Pono and continue feel and live Ku.

Everyone has their own way of getting rid of frustration, sadness, anger, confusion, self-doubt, and so on.  Some deal with those things in a more negative manner than positive.  Embracing the Ku lifestyle teaches you to deal with problems in a positive manner.  I have several ways that allows me to cleanse my body both physically and spiritually in order to keep me Ku.

We all have our own ways, but I’ve found that the best ways to cleanse your body and bring you back towards feeling Ku are in activities where you feel most like your .

Personally, it’s either at the beach (especially the one down the street from my home) or at a gym.  Those are my two go to places in order to cleanse my body both physically and spiritually. gym barbell squats

At the beach, there’s nothing better than fully immersing yourself under the water and coming back up.  Then bodysurfing on a few small waves to feel myself gliding along the water.  Sometimes I’m the only one out in the water, running around in the shallow trying to catch the next wave or jumping over the white wash and slamming back into the water only to hit the sand.

The gym is the place where I feel most confident and comfortable.  Even when it’s crowded and I find a spot to exercise, I feel like I’m alone.  It’s the challenge of getting through a workout and pushing myself for that extra rep or to increase the weight.  It’s the feeling of my muscles feeling exhausted and sweat dripping off my face.  The experience alone makes me realize that life can throw a lot of obstacles and negativity your way, but it’s up to you to keep pushing forward and working through those times. It’s your decision.

Maʻemaʻe is a way for you to find your Ku again.  We can sometimes lose that feeling of inspiration, confidence, and Ku-ness. So it’s important for you to find activities or places to go where you can Maʻemaʻe, and bring yourself back towards living the Ku lifestyle.


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