Day 16: Ikaika – Become Strength

Embracing the mental and spiritual aspect of life in Bali

Don’t just ‘get stronger’…BECOME STRENGTH
-Elliot Hulse

Whenever I’m asked, what does it mean to live Ku, build a Ku body, or simply be Ku, I always reply with – to become stronger.  The word itself means to stand tall and strong.

The Hawaiian value of strength is – Ikaika.

As a strength coach, my philosophy of training is simple – become stronger. When many think of strength, their first thought is physical strength.

When I took a workshop in 2007 with Pa Kui a Holo to learn about the Ancient Hawaiian martial arts, lua, is when I believe my mission of helping others live a Ku life began.

It was there while I sat in on a lecture about how the warriors trained with physical exercise, practiced lua ( the art of bone breaking and healing), learned la’au lapa’au (medicinal plant health), and performed na ha’a (warrior dances) to evoke mana.

Ikaika isn’t only about having the physical strength.  There are some who only focus on that aspect which only leaves them feeling unfulfilled.

In the past, all I focused on was getting physically stronger and during those times, now that I look back, I did feel unfulfilled.  I didn’t know my purpose and all I did was go through the motions.  It wasn’t until I started to build strength in the rest of my life.

The success and failures I had while trying to build physical strength, helped me with gaining strength mentally and spiritually. Becoming stronger helped me get rid of the negativity and self-doubt I held on to, once I was able to open myself up.

Make exercise, diet and sleep some of your best friends and you will learn to defeat some of your worst enemies
- Martin Rooney

Ikaika can mean different things to people, but one must always understand that as much strength you build in one area, you must want to and be open to building strength in all other areas.

When you are able to do that, you will find the strength you are looking for to find your true calling and purpose.

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