Day 14: Kū Haʻaheo – Show Your Pride

hawaiian pride
Hawaiian Warriors on the Big Island embracing their pride of the ancestors. PC: Kai Markell

Eh, no make shame.

Some may think that being prideful or showing pride is a sign of arrogance.  When we accomplish something, we are told not to boast but be humble.  If we achieve something great, we are told to thank others and be grateful for what you’ve done.

All in all, those are great lessons and values.


Kū Haʻaheo

Stand tall and stand proud.  That’s what Kū Haʻaheo means.  You can still stand proud without puffing the chest and being an ass about it.  That’s the balance.  Too many of us don’t spend enough time focusing on the good things we’ve accomplished and continue to accomplish in our lives.

Instead, we do a little tap on the back job-well-done and move on to the next thing. That’s not Ku.

If you busted your ass off to achieve a goal or meet a deadline, then you deserve to celebrate and be proud.  You deserve to bask in the glory.  Yes you should thank others for their help and show gratefulness, but you must feel proud.  You can still show pride while having humility.

Now when you are out celebrating or being proud of what you’ve done, and someone looks at you like you are being arrogant or that you are showing off.  Guess what, they are either envious or having a bad day.  Like my wife would say, “Don’t Rain on My Parade.”

We Owe it to Our Ancestors

As I continue to learn more about my ancestors and the Hawaiian culture, I’m deeply interested in the Warrior culture of the Ancient Hawaiians.  When I learn about all the feats, battles, training, and the muscular prowess and strength they withheld, I get a sense of pride and understand that I have a kuleana to honor their names.

The Ancient Hawaiians were very proud.  There is no shame in showing pride.  Pride and humility work together to create balance within us.

Personally, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and continue to strive for.  I’m thankful for those who have helped and supported me along the way.  There is nothing wrong with having a sense of self-pride.

Go and Be Ku.

We must take time to acknowledge all of our accomplishments but it’s just as important to acknowledge the accomplishments of others.  Every day, I make a point to celebrate someone and tell them how much they have done and they should be proud of what they’ve accomplished.

A lot of people are afraid to show how proud they are because society today tells them it’s not a cool thing to do.

But guess what, to me, it’s Ku!

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