Day 13: Koa – Have the Courage to Hear Your Calling

na koa listen

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.
- Fabienne Fredrickson

Ancient Hawaiians had the courage to set sail and navigate through the ocean by watching using the stars.  It’s a perfect sign of how the Hawaiian culture saw that people and nature  cannot be separated.  We are meant to work along side with nature.

The Ancient Hawaiians did their fishing, planting, and healing in accordance with the moon phases.  All together as one in harmony, like the words in a poem.

I’m a sucker for good poetry, especially the ones that speak to me.  Laurence Boldt in his book, ‘Zen and The Art of Making a Living’ wrote, “A poem is an interactive relationship of word and consciousness.  It is the act of hearing that makes the poem come alive.”

Be Courageous. Be Koa.  Listen.

Koa in Hawaiian can mean courage and bravery, but it also means Warrior.  Part of living Ku is to awaken your inner warrior, the strongest version of yourself.

To be courageous, Koa, means to listen to your heart and silence the fear.

When you are able to silence the fear of feeling inadequate or worried about prejudices about how one kind of work is better than another, only then can you be courageous enough to find your true passion and bliss.

Today, all I want you to do is Listen.

Take a moment and reflect on you life.  List to what moves you and excites you the most. What can you fully put yourself in to? What do you love most? If you find yourself drifting off on many ideas, thoughts, and the feeling of you ‘have’ to do this or that sort of work – you need to become more honest with yourself and dig deeper.

It takes courage to push away all the preconceived notions about what you should do, stop looking for the approval from others, and focus on what your spirit and heart wants to do.  We all naturally have the urge and need to do something to keep busy, that is why when we are busy with something we are passionate about it doesn’t feel like work or a burden.

But it’s not just the act of being busy.  We want to do something that is meaningful.  Finding what is meaningful to you takes courage.

Be Courageous.  Be Koa!



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