Day 12: Kuleana – It’s Your Responsibility

Just like a toy, a job, task, chore, or a promise we were either given or took upon, it becomes your Kuleana.

The way you live your life is your kuleana, and when you accept that responsible it means you also hold yourself accountable.

As a Strength Coach, I take upon the responsibility of mentoring, teaching, and coaching my athletes towards reaching and surpassing their personal goals not just in strength and fitness, but also in life.  It’s the responsibility, I accepted when I became a coach.

We all have our own kuleana.

For those who are in school, you have a kuleana to pay attention, do your homework, and get good grades.  For those who have a job, you have a kuleana to perform your tasks, strive to improve the organization, and serve others.

Life is the same way. You have a kuleana to find your purpose , to make a difference, become influential, and be responsible and accountable for your thoughts and actions.  When you have a kuleana, others will look at you to see if you are taking care of your kuleana.

Being a Strength Coach, not only are my athletes watching to make sure that I’m actually coaching and not commanding but they also want to see that I practice what I preach.  If I speak of the importance of exercise, building strength, and eating right, then it is my kuleana to make sure that I do those things as well.

Your kuleana, is not a burden.  It’s an opportunity.  Rosa Say mentioned in her book :

Responsibility seeks opportunity. Opportunity creates energy and excitement. Kuleana weaves empowerment and ownership into the opportunity that has been captured.

We are all here for a specific purpose, life should never be a burden. It’s an opportunity make a difference, to have an impact, and to be the change we want to see.  We tend to have a lot of complaints about how life is, what we wish we could do or what we would do.  I do it every once in awhile, but then I remember it’s my kuleana to fix it and create the life I want to live.

Find your Kuleana, accept it, and then use the opportunities to make a difference in your life and have an influence on others.



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