Day 10: Huikala – Time for Forgiveness

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

- Mahatma Gandhi

I walked into the Tampak Siring Temple in Bali, where I observed people in deep prayer, others washing their faces, a Balinese family making an offering, and tourists capturing the moments of healing.  Definitely a sacred place.

It was a hot and humid day, much more humid than a Hawaii-humid.  My wife and I were tired and exhausted from our day of adventure and hiking.  We both took turns washing our faces and cooling down our bodies.  I filled my hands with holy water and poured over my head, wiped my face, and said Mahalo. I felt a new source of energy go through me, I felt more awake and energized.  It could be the cause of the cold and refreshing water, but all in all – I felt amazing and ready to get back to our adventure.

holy spring temple bali prayer
Tampak Siring – Holy Spring Temple in Bali. A place of prayer and healing.

By now you know that the Ku Lifestyle is all about getting stronger, becoming the stronger version of YOU.  To be able to practice the value of Huikala means we agree to be tolerant and have the ability to forgive others.

Part of living a meaningful and fulfilling life is feeling lighter and free from the things that weigh us down.  The physical clutter and unnecessary possessions we accumulate along with the clutter we hold within us.

We can all think of a time in our lives when someone close wronged us in a certain way or maybe a stranger said or did something to us that was hurtful and you never forgot about it.  These experience start to weigh us down.  It becomes a bad fruit rooted within our minds.  Holding onto these bad fruits and thoughts can become a burden that only brings anger and resentment.

“Do not dwell upon the sins and mistakes of yesterday so exclusively as to have no energy and mind left for living rightly today, and do not think that the sins of yesterday can prevent you from living purely today.”
James Allen

In order to free our minds from resentment, anger, anxiousness, depression, and self-doubt we must understand the value of Huikala. When we practice huikala , we are able to free our minds of the bad fruits we hold.

It’s like when I’m having a bad day, I take a walk down to the beach and jump in the ocean.  As I come up from under the water, it feels as if a huge weight just fell off my shoulders.  I feel calm, less hostile, and back to feeling Ku.  If you can practice the power of forgiveness, it’ll allow you to bring a whole new level of strength to your mind, body, and spirit.

holy spring temple bali

An important step to take is to admit to yourself that you have needed someone to forgive you in your past.  As much we want to think of what others have done to us, we have all made mistakes. Once you can be Ku and honest that you needed forgiveness, it’ll be much easier to forgive.

Showing huikala , isn’t easy especially when someone intentionally harmed you.  This is where value of Lōkahi comes in.  If that person is still around and you still feel resentment, you need to evaluate your intentions on keeping the bad feelings around.  It takes a lot of strength and mana to accept the pain and move on.

The negative acts from another is their own fault.  If you allow those acts to become a burden and you hold onto that anger, then it’s your own fault.

Too many people keep a mental list of people who have wronged them in the past and think of ways to seek revenge to get even.  The problem with this is that people are doing more harm too themselves by keeping such a list.  They nourish the bad fruits with their minds, and the thoughts  they hold internally become their external world.

Huikala, is a value that I’ve found to be challenging for myself.  When I think of those who have teased me growing up, I still get a sense of anger.  But it shows that the anger I hold on to means I still have self-doubt.

If there is someone in your life that has wronged you, think about the feelings you are holding within.  When you think of that person, do you feel upset? Anger? Frustration? or Self-doubt? If you answered Yes, to any of those, then you need to find the strength in order to H uikala.

To live Ku and build a Ku body, you must be courageous when it comes to doing what’s best for you.  Holding onto the negativity and pain caused by others only creates weakness.

Enough already, let it go and Be Ku!


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  • Leisha:)

    Your articles are the perfect compliment to my cereal in the morning after I’ve watered my plants and am beginning to prepare for the day. Love the quotes and subtle reminders of what’s really important in life. Mahalo!

  • Danny Aipa

    Mahalo Leisha! glad to help start your day off right