Mar 25 2014

1.) Love your family 2.) Never ‘grow up’ 3.) Sing in the shower “I enjoy singing in the shower because I receive a standing ovation every time.” – Aipa 4.) You CAN make a difference 5.) Connect and learn from nature 6.) You can’t give Aloha if you don’t have Aloha for yourself 7.) Say your pleases and thank [read more...]

Posted by on 03/21/2014
Mar 21 2014

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Waiʻanae Public Library to give a talk on “Find Your Mana and Build an Awesome Ku Life.” Laurie, the head librarian, was kind enough to invite me to share my story with the community.  Just like my talk with PONO TODAY, I was very nervous because the audience was unknown