Oct 042013
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If you aren’t passionate about something, then you are not living your life.

I’m mostly known as a pretty quiet and laid back kind of guy. I don’t really show much emotion.  Actually my wife sometimes has to tell me to get excited.

But then when I talk about fitness, working out, creating and building a project, she sees a whole different side to me.  It’s these things that drive me to keep going.  It’s what I’m passionate about.

Recently, I made The Aipa Project into a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), an officially registered business in Hawaii and was able to cross it off my Impossible List.  The main reason, for me, was to show myself just how serious and passionate I feel about my mission to help others Build a Ku Body.

Its a continuous evolution of an idea that is constantly developing and along the way I’m learning so much about myself.  My dream is becoming more of a clear vision.

Some people have different ways of showing their passion but I believe the underlining is all the same.

1.  Your Thoughts are Powerful.

At a talk I gave at Iolani High School, I was asked by a student, “Why did you choose writing as an avenue to share your idea.”  Because words can create emotions, inspire an idea, and start a movement.  Maybe you’ve read some of my past blog posts and felt inspired or thought of something for yourself.  But as much as your thoughts can have an effect on others, it mostly has an effect on yourself.  That’s why it’s so powerful.  Everything in life is in response to your thoughts – that’s what we call mana.

2.  Stop Lying to Yourself.

When you try to be like someone else, you lose sight of who YOU are.  You are unique.  There will never be another YOU, so frickin’ own it.  Don’t be afraid to explore and discover what you think is fun or what you feel passionate about.  There are countless stories of people leaving their corporate lives to follow their passion.  Now, am I saying to drop everything you are doing now, quit your job, and find your passion.  No.  But it shouldn’t stop you from exploring.

3.  What Would You do if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

Sometimes ask myself this question and I just start writing things down.  Some of them are on my Impossible List which I think everyone should create.  This sort of exercise just shows what you really want but lack the courage to  go out and try because you either think you’ll fail or you’re not good enough.

4.  Stay Rooted.

Being away from Hawaii for several years and experiencing life away from the islands, I would obsess over things, overwhelm myself, and lose my grounding.  Having my Hawaiian culture and the lessons my family taught me has become more of a reference point for me to help me stay rooted such as: (just to name a few)


5. Give Back

We all want to do something to help others or to make the world a better place, or I sure hope so.  But with your passion, make sure you take time to give to others.  Giving is an art.  Like Seth Godin said, “Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. The medium doesn’t matter. The intent does.” In Hawaii, that’s Aloha.

Feel free to share what you are passionate about.  What in life do you enjoy doing most?  

ANNOUNCEMENT: Join me on Thursday, October 17 at Na Mea Hawaii in Ward Center @ 630PM, I’ll be a guest speaker for PONO TODAY, a free workshop presenting inspiring speakers of Hawaii and indigenous cultures towards more PONO (excellent) tomorrow, and talking about my book ‘Aloha to You’ as well as my mission towards Building a Ku Body.  

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