Why Work so Hard?

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 03/30/2012
Mar 302012
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I know. It’s been forever since I’ve consistently posted. But trust me, it’s been all for good reasons. Let me just get one thing straight.

I love my job.

There are moments during the day where my mind needs to put on the brakes and slow down because it’s constantly going. Coaching on and on throughout the day can take a lot out of us strength coaches. We are always watching for technique flaws, making sure athletes aren’t being lazy, motivating them to go beyond what is expected, and constantly moving around. It’s a lot for the mind to take in especially when there are twenty plus athletes coming in and out throughout the day.

So Why Work so Hard?

I’ll ask you, why the hell not? What would be the purpose of life if you are just going to go through the motions? I’ve been lucky enough to find what I’m passionate about and actually get paid to do it. In one of my earlier posts, Leaders Inspire Action, I focused on a specific lecture I came across by Simon Sinek.

His lecture really touched home for me.  His main message is “people don’t buy WHAT you do; they buy WHY you do it.” In my case, I’m trying to build a strength program that is nationally known.  WHY? Because I believe that strength training can teach a person the dedication, determination, and discipline to succeed in life.  I believe that if you are successful in the gym you can apply all the same lessons towards your own life and be successful.

Some may be asking; But don’t you just pick things up and put them down (up yours Planet Fitness)? No. The gym is not only a facilitator of movement, but it’s also a great tool in building character.  That’s the angle I come from.

So even though by the end of each week I’m pretty burnt out, I never stop there. I’m constantly thinking of what else I could bring to the table, or what needs to be done to get to my goal as a strength coach.  Even while I’m doing nothing related to work, my mind is still going. But like I said before.  I love my job.

Final Thought

This is more of a reflection, but also a challenge to the rest of you.  What is your WHY?


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  1. Excellent thought provoking post. I’m not sure what my why is, I’m going to have to reflect on that.

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