What is Success?

 Posted by on 10/26/2012
Oct 262012
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what is success

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin

I have been coming across this question constantly in books, other blogs, podcasts, audiobooks, and conversations.

What is success?

I’ve given this much thought and came up with a very simple definition.

Success, to me, means:

Finding balance in life physically, mentally, and spiritually with the purpose of benefiting others.

Many see dollar signs when they think of those who are successful.  Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalists, both had six figured jobs, big houses, and luxury cars.  From the outside looking in, others would think they were happy and successful because they’ve accumulated so much over a period of time.

But they weren’t.

So they left their corporate jobs and became writers who help others live a simpler and meaningful life through minimalism.  There success is now based upon the amount of people they connect with and inspire, not the dollars.

I believe The Aipa Project is still in its infancy, but I see the great potential it has in contributing to more people around the world.  The philosophy “Build a Ku Body” can be implemented in every aspect of life: career, finance, relationships, personal beliefs, and health.

Success must be comprised of the constant development of the mind, body, and spirit along with the embodiment of aloha and living pono. If you hold these elements at this moment, then I believe you are truly successful.

I’m going to be straight with you.  The Aipa Project is monetized with affiliate links of books and other products I find value in. I also used Google Adsense advertisements on my blog but decided to get rid of it.  I felt it was taking away from the value of my message to you, and it didn’t go along nicely with my blog design.

But overall, monetary wise, The Aipa Project has grossed $96.47 in the year and a half it’s been running.  Other bloggers probably are laughing at this number but that’s not what I’m focused on or why I started blogging in the first place.

Do you know what gets me stoked to continue to share my thoughts, philosophy, and journey towards building a Ku body?


It’s the comments and emails I receive from readers that keeps me going.  When I get comments and messages like:

“Aloha Braddah Daniel, love the article it really spoke to me…Thanks for sharing this article really gave me some ” Get off your okole (butt) and do work” motivation. Mahalo nui”


“It made me reflect on some things…it makes me believe that there are places in this world that still care for other people.”


“I’m one of the kupuna (elder) in your mom’s ‘Oihana class and want you to know how much I enjoy reading your posts. I find them inspirational and a needed reminder of what’s really important in this life.”


“Still to this day there are many things you have said to either to me or to a group that truly inspired me, and it’s refreshing to know that it is still a major mission in your life. I continue to live my life with a strong passion towards helping others.”


“Aloha! From Sydney, Australia!…please keep up the great work! I love your articles. They speak to me!!!!”

I’m on cloud nine when I receive these, and that’s just sharing a few. Your comments are priceless.

They are what keeps me going.  I’ve had moments when I thought to myself – I must be crazy thinking I can become a writer and touch people’s lives with my words.

But then I think of my WHY, my purpose and mission, the comments I received, and it all keeps the fire burning inside to continue.

So what is success? Is it the money and possessions we accumulate? Or is it inspiring and contributing to others in a meaningful way?

I’m still on my journey towards building a Ku body and finding balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is my mission to help you along the way towards finding meaning and value in your life.

What are your views on success? What does it mean to you? Please feel free to share you thoughts in the comments below.  I am very interested in hearing your insights and feedback.

One last thought for you:

I know some may think to themselves – But I’m a nobody. I have.

But, if you inspire just ONE person.

ONE person.

You are somebody.


Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.

Mahalo for the continuing support and Aloha.  You don’t know how grateful I am.  You are helping me on my journey towards building a Ku body, and I hope I’m doing the same for you.