What Can I do With Mana?

 Posted by on 11/21/2012
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My Great Grandfather - William Stephenson

As I continue to think more and more about the concept of mana, I am diving deeper into true power behind it. I am still a student of this supernatural energy we all have.

I shared how you can check your mana, as well as gave you a few of my secrets on how I call upon the mana in my Mana Account.

This whole idea of having a Mana Account came from ‘Olohe Tom Kaulukukui Jr. in a Hawaiian leadership course.  It’s been many years since the course but I still have the notes handy in my bookshelf as a reminder.

So you know you have mana, a super power to manifest your higher purpose.  Now, once you know how much mana you have, the next question is…

What can I do with Mana?

Like I mentioned before, mana is energy.  It plays a large role in your personal growth and success in life.  There are those who have positional mana because of the title they hold in the workplace.  But, if that person doesn’t use their mana in a beneficial way, their mana will begin to diminish.

The energy within us and the connection we have with people, nature, and our ancestors are all part of the Mana Continuum.  It is up to you to put all your mana, or energy, into something purposeful.

There are those who make decisions to use their mana negatively.  This will not only bring down your Mana Account but also bring more negativity in your life.  So here’s the question again…

What can I do with Mana?

Now that you have all of this powerful energy within you, where should you put it?

Here are a few areas to help you decide:

  • Bless yourself. In my last post, I shared the story of my dad calling upon his mana to help him go through a challenging period.  Mana helps you overcome adversity and fear.  These specific moments are essential for personal growth.  Take the energy of your mana, cover yourself with it, and push forward.
  • Put it into others. Invest in others and offer them your mana. It could be in the form of a compliment, motivation, influence, teaching, and inspiration.  In order to build yourself up you must build up others.  Great leaders help others become successful. By doing this, your Mana Account will increase.
  • Use it in the work you do. Put pride and mana into the work you do on a daily basis. By intentionally exercising this habit, you will feel ownership of the work you are doing and others will recognize the difference you make.  Be like an artist and put a part of your soul in your work.
  • Your ‘Ohana. Mana is both inherited and acquired.  The mana passed down through generations now live within you.  It is your duty to continue this by instilling power of mana in to your family for future generations.  Be a role model for them and the community.

Your kuleana, responsibility, is to share your mana and create a meaningful and fulfilling life.  It is up to you to make the decision of where you place your mana and how much you give with Aloha.

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.

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