The Simplicity of Power: Mana

 Posted by on 01/15/2014
Jan 152014
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There’s nothing more powerful than being able to harness the power of yourself.

That’s where Mana comes in.

I’ve talked quite a bit about the importance of Mana and how everyone and everything has it.  It’s a power that is beyond us, but yet a part of us.

Lately, the mountains have been calling me…

hawaiian mana
The nature that surrounds us has a strong spirit and sometimes we forget that.  Living in Hawaii, it can be easy to take advantage of the beauty of the island.  We rush from place to place without taking a moment to look up and see the beauty that surrounds us.

I think that’s why the Koolau mountains  are calling out to me.  They remind me by saying, “Look up, don’t forget about us.”

One day, I was frustrated by the traffic in my hometown Kailua – a lot has changed in this once quiet town.  Then I became even more irritated as the traffic continued its way into Kaneohe.

“It’s a green light.  GO!” I yelled even though my windows were up and the person in front of me had no chance of hearing me.

“Stop texting,” I said again as the person finally looked up to realize the light was green.  It was one of those moments where I wanted to give that person a stupid ticket. 

I finally got to my destination and saw this…
koolau mountains

Not only do you have Mana within you but Mana is all around. It’s up to you to open yourself up to it. Mana is very simple but yet we tend to make it complicated.

When you work on a project you care about you are putting your Mana into it.  It’s like when you hear an amazing singer and they give you chicken skin.  You can feel their passion and emotion behind every word.  Or when I coach my athletes, I want to empower them to do something they thought they never could do or would do.

Today, I want to share with you a video of one of my teachers, ‘Ōlohe Lua Kaulukukui, who taught me about the Mana Account.

Pretty straight forward right?  So what’s your PIN to access your Mana Account? It’s there for you to use.  The more Mana you have the more influence you can have on yourself and others.

I believe you want to make a difference in your community, family, or even the world. You want to leave behind a legacy.  

It’s all part of building a Kū body which entails building up your Mana and living with Aloha.

In closing, here’s one more video of J. Kanani Kaulukui Jr., Master Carver, sharing a Mana exercise and how Mana can be used.

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.