Take a Hike Towards a New You

 Posted by on 01/22/2014
Jan 222014
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When it comes to living a healthy active lifestyle and building a Kū body, I feel I do a pretty good job by going to the gym.  But there is so much more out there especially since I live in Hawaii.  I mean, there is really no excuse to not be active or get outside when living in Hawaii.

Last week, my wife and I made the decision that we’d do more outdoor activities. (Quick plug: She also decided to get back writing on her blog, Orchuterie = the meat of life, and realized she is a wanna-be everything type of person.  Aren’t we all.)

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors but like many things we can take it for advantage.  We went on one of our favorite mini-adventures in Kailua to the Lanikai Pillboxes other known as Ka’iwa Ridge Trail.

lanikai pill boxes

Many places in Hawaii hold a story.  The history and spirits of the ancient Hawaiians are deeply rooted in the nature that surrounds us daily.  Ka’iwa means “frigate bird”.

Legends say that:

Ka’iwa was a royal female who resided in Ka’ohao. She caught the eye of a konohiki (overseer) named Ahiki, who sought Ka’iwa’s love but was prevented from seeing her by a warrior named Kana. Smitten and frustrated, Ahiki became the southernmost of the three peaks in triple-pointed Mount Olomana. Ahiki, not surprisingly, is the peak furthest away from Ka’iwa making him the furthest away from her love.

When you learn of the stories behind the places you visit, it gives the place more meaning and in this case more mana.

lanikai pill boxes

I’d say it’s an easy hike and this is coming from an unexperienced hiker who is starting to get into it. Not only is it an easy but it may also be of the most scenic (I’m not being bias because I’m a Kailua Boy).

The first part of the hike is the steepest and is a good butt blaster.  Depending how dry it is, there may be a couple slip areas because the fine red dirt.

But as you get to the top of the first ascent, it opens up to a whole new appreciation of the windward side of Oahu.  We continued our way up a gradual slope and turned to see this:


It’s amazing how clear your mind becomes when you leave all the clutter below and get out in nature.  The infinite sky becomes your ceiling and the space around you is wide open.  It is free of physical clutter which only frees up your mind at the same time.

When you get to the top, you look down at the infamous Mokulua Islands AKA Da Moks.

lanikai mokulua

I had a good sweat going by the time we reached the first Pillbox and decided to take a seat and take in the view.  There’s a second pillbox a little higher but there was a big group over there.  At the first one, it was just my wife and I. I’ve sat here many times but it will always amaze me.

aipa lanikai pill boxes

We sat there talking about our lives and what we both wanted to achieve.  I talked about how I want to grow The Aipa Project and make a bigger impact on the Hawaiian community through teaching others how to build a Kū Body.  She talked about how she missed being creative, having no limits, and really wanting to do the things she loves.  She’s amazing at what she does now, but I know there’s so much more she can do.

lanikai pill boxes 5

Call to Action Team Kū.

In my talk with PONO TODAY,  I mentioned if you tell one story to many people you get many different stories.  Like my ancestors and na kupuna, I trust that you take my story and look at your own.

Right outside your door their is a mountain to climb, a park to walk around, or even a beach.  It’s one step out the door towards a new adventure and new you.  Although I’ve went on many hikes to the Pillboxes, every time is different and every time I learn.

The physical exercise, mental clarity, and spiritual rejuvenation can all be found right outside your door.  It’s just about taking that first step towards doing it.


Aloha and Be Kū!