Dec 092011
Gifts for Men Who Actually TRAIN!

If you are looking for a present for a guy you know who practically lives in the gym, here are a few ideas that would make any Iron junkie happy to have during the holiday season.  These presents are the guys who are looking to pack on more muscle before they shred down for the [...]

Leaders Inspire Action

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 10/16/2011
Oct 162011
Leaders Inspire Action

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my site – and it feels long over due. It’s Sunday, a day of football. But as I sat on my couch watching the games, my mind began to wander. The Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans became only the background of my reality. I looked outside on to the [...]

"I Aloha Molokai"

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 09/06/2011
Sep 062011

Please join me in supporting “I Aloha Molokai”. For more information please visit: Mahalo and Aloha!

What do I workout today?

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 09/02/2011
Sep 022011
What do I workout today?

In my experience being a strength coach and personal trainer, I’ve come across quite a bit of questions when I first meet clients.  One of the main things that comes up is that when they come to the gym they just do this exercise, maybe that one, and that other thingy where you sit down [...]

Jul 202011
3 Ways to Kickstart the Day Off Right

I’m usually a morning person. I have a natural alarm clock that wakes me up 3AM but since the rest of the world is still sleeping, I slowly drift back to sleep. Then I’ll pop right back up at 7ish and start my day. Lately, I’ve been sleeping till 930 which is late for me. [...]

Jul 072011
5 Elements of Success - Part 3

Fire “The spirit of Fire is fierce, whether the fire be small or big.” – Miyamoto Musashi Keep the fire burning. With anything you do, passion is key.  If you aren’t passionate about your goal, then it will be a long road ahead.  The decision has been made, now it’s up to you to keep [...]

Jun 222011
5 Elements of Success - Part 2

Water “Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it.” – Bruce Lee Embrace fear. Along your path towards success you will come across numerous challenges.  Don’t freak out.  These challenges are what makes you a stronger [...]

5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 05/13/2011
May 132011
5 Ways to Stay Motivated

1. Get Excited -Setting out on achieving a goal should be exciting.  You made the decision, now go and get it.  After a workout you should feel motivated and alive because each workout your complete you are closer to attaining that goal.  If you look at your workouts and diet as a chore, it will [...]

Observe and Learn

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 05/12/2011
May 122011
Observe and Learn

I like to observe my surroundings. It’s something my grandpa taught me.  No matter where I go, I scan the area and get a feel for what’s going on and the dynamics of the people.  One of the places I frequently visit is the gym.  I’m usually there at the same time and see the [...]

Aipa on

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 05/11/2011
May 112011
Aipa on

After 6 months of dieting, training, discipline, and sacrifice I stood on the stage for my first natural bodybuilding show. Read more about my transformation at Muscle and Strength          

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