Prisoner to the Treadmill

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 12/01/2011
Dec 012011
Prisoner to the Treadmill

One of the main questions I receive on a daily basis is, “What can I do to lose weight?” The purpose of this article is to get you off of the treadmill and change up your usual routine.  I’m not saying that treadmills or other cardio machines are bad, but there is a much more [...]

Chemotherapy Exercise Program

Posted by Daniel Aipa on 08/05/2011
Aug 052011
Chemotherapy Exercise Program

We all know or know of someone who had to take on the challenges of fighting against cancer and go through Chemotherapy. For the pass 5 weeks I’ve been training a chemotherapy patient.  Just a quick overview of what chemotherapy can do; it can cause nausea and kills healthy red blood cells which send oxygen [...]

Jul 192011
Standing Overhead Press: A Lost Art

You ever see someone hoisting a ton of weight over head? I’m sure we’ve all seen some pretty impressive numbers on the bench press, but have you ever been impressed by someone doing a standing overhead press? It’s probably something that you don’t see that often in most gyms, because the majority of the people [...]

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