Sep 202013
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resistance band training

Looking to try something different or want a workout that is quick and effective that you can do at home, during travel, in the gym, or at the beach?

Give this Resistance Band Workout a try.  In this video, I show you a quick workout you can do that’ll help burn fat and also improve your conditioning. You can use any type of resistance band.

I have have a couple of Superbands that come in different resistances.  I would recommend getting a band that has anywhere from 10-50 lbs depending on your strength.

Pretty stoked about the video series I’m starting.  Give this workout a try and let me know what you think.  You can use this as a great finisher to a workout as well.

I actually did it today for my conditioning. It was much better than going for a jog.  Remember, the more muscles you stimulate the more energy you use, hence the more calories you burn. Yea buddy!

If you think I’m awesome and want to help me out, please share this with your friends, tweet it, post it on facebook, or whatever you want to do to spread the word.



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