Jan 312014
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shaka qalo

Making a Difference One Ring at a Time.

I’m stoked to announce my first audio interview, EVER.

I had the chance to get on a call with KC Holiday, Co-Founder of QALO Ring to learn about what they do. It was cool to hear the stories shared by those who wear a QALO – from office workers, firemen, navy seals, and even the NFL. But it was even more interesting to get the full picture of what they stand for.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I’m all about living a healthy active lifestyle and spreading my mission behind helping others ‘Build a Kū Body’. But I also look for others who I believe do the same.  It’s interesting to meet the people who work behind the name because you get a whole different understanding of the essence of what they do.

In my interview with QALO, I asked 5 questions:

1.  What does QALO mean?

2.  What does “Commitment is Contagious” mean to you?

3.  How important is it for you to live an active lifestyle, especially with your spouse?

4.  How does QALO serve the community?

5.  What is one of the coolest picture/story shared with you about the QALO Ring?

After our call ended, I sat in my chair and realized that these guys over at QALO are making a difference with one ring at a time.  Not just from hearing the stories KC shared with me, but they also made a difference in my life.

I’m still able to show my commitment to my wife when I workout, go to the beach, hike, or what not without having to worry of the ring being damaged or lost, because I have my QALO Ring.

But on top of that, what makes them even more Kū, is that they take the time to SERVE the COMMUNITY.

QALO was kind enough to offer my readers a 15% discount on their QALO Rings if you use the discount code: AIPA