Sep 092013
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mindset quote

When it comes down to failure, it comes down to one problem.

I’m not going to sugar coat too much here.  It’s going to be sort of a reality check for you.  Why am I being straight with you? Because, I need to tell myself this as well. Remember, you can be your best supporter or worse enemy.

The #1 problem why you’ll never reach that goal of:

- losing weight

- gaining muscle

- getting stronger, faster, and bigger

- getting that promotion

- starting that new business

or whatever other goal you have.

The main problem, is your MINDSET. 

From the day you make your goal and depending on your mindset at the time, you’ve already failed or succeeded. Yup, read it again and write it down.

When I was a personal trainer in California, I had an appointment with a potential new client.  When I sat down with her to ask about her goals, she stopped me and laid it all out there for me, “Okay, so my goal is to get a nicer looking butt and get rid of this jiggle under my arms, you see.” (raises her arm up and gives a little jiggle.)

Cool, at least she knows what she wants.  But she wasn’t done. “But, I don’t want to squat, do lunges, deadlift, push-ups, these thingies (motioning a pullup), and I hate cardio because I’m out of shape and it’s hard.”  She had more to the list, but I was already trying to figure what I was going to do with her.

What would you do? It’s like throw me a frickin bone here lady, right.

But if you look at the situation, she definitely knew what she wanted and didn’t want.  Her mindset was finalized. But her mindset, wasn’t in the right place.

Keep that story in mind.

As a strength coach, I dealt with many athletes who individually came by my office asking how to improve and what more they could do.  One day, an athlete took a seat in my office and told me , “Coach, I want to get bigger and stronger.  I’ve always tried to gain weight for football but could never do it.  I need your help and I’ll do whatever it takes to do it. What do I need to do?”

Now I’m not saying I have all the answers but those two interaction are night a day.

Your mindset is the key to accomplishing all goals.  I haven’t achieved all of my goals, there are things I still need to work on myself.  But I do believe that if you are not in the right mindset from the get-go, you are only setting up yourself for frustration and failure.

When starting a new diet, it should be all or none.  If you want to lose weight or gain more muscle but have to make certain lifestyle changes, so be it.  Especially when it comes to diet.  I remember being at events where I would turn down eating dessert.  I’d get looked at as if I just ate a baby or kicked Santa Claus in the balls.

Don’t worry, when going towards any goal you will come across criticism, haters, negativity, and a bunch of other crap.  But if your goal means a lot to you and you are in the mindset of ‘stay out of my way, I’m going to do this!’, then you should not care what others thing.

It’s your mindset that’ll allow you to reach your goals.   I’m 31 Weeks away from stepping back on the bodybuilding stage in Hawaii.  For me, It’s GO TIME!