Jan 202014
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Pono Today Aipa

Yup, I had some hair. But got tired of playing with it.

Have you ever heard of glossophobia?

Your hands sweat, heart begins to pound, head starts to throb, you can’t stop moving your feet, your eyes are looking for an exit, and you are thinking to yourself, “What the hell am I doing here?”

It’s probably one of the most common fears you’ll find out there – public speaking.  Growing up, you will never find me standing in front of an audience to talk or stand in front of a crowd.

I remember in 1st grade, my teacher made me stand in front of the class with a spoon on my nose for playing with my food.  Yea, that didn’t help with my low self-esteem or fear of being around strangers.

In October, I was scheduled to speak at Na Mea Hawaii for PONO TODAY with LiAnn Uyeda.  Her mission is to share the words and thoughts of others from the Hawaiian culture who inspire others to live Pono (righteous), and I was lucky enough to be asked to give my insight.

So of course, I wanted to share my passion in teaching others ‘How to Build a Kū Body’.

Here, you will find my ‘How to Build a Kū Body’ with PONO TODAY broken up into 8 parts.  You can take your time in watching each one, or you can scroll down and decided which part interests you.

Hope you enjoy!

1. Introduction

2. What is Ku Body?

3. Mana

4. Aloha

5. Ola Kino

6. Nutrition Q&A

7. Q&A

8. Aloha to You – Get your copy, HERE

Mahalo. Aloha. A hui hou.