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Aug 262013
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barbell complexHope you are all crushing the Body By Aipa workouts.  In Phase 3 of the Body by Aipa program, you will be transitioning into a strength phase.  Phase 1 and 2 prepares your body for this phase.

If you are coming on this program now, I would suggest you start with Phase 1 but I can’t make you do it. Just saying it would be a good idea.

MONDAY UPPER BODY Exercise Sets x Reps Rest (sec)
Push Press 3 x 5 90
A) Bench Press 4 x 4-6 30
A) Neutral Grip Pull-up 4 x 4-6 60
Incline DB Bench 3 x 10 60
DB Single Arm Row 3 x 10 ea 60
B) DB Lateral Raises 3 x 12 60
B) Incline Reverse Flye 3 x 12 60
Exercise Sets x Reps Rest (sec)
Lying Leg Curls 3 x 12 60
Box Squat 4 x 4-6 120
Goblet Bulgarian Squats 3 x 8 ea 90
DB RDLS* 3 x 10 60
Face Pulls 3 x 12 60
*3 count on the eccentric portion (lowering the weight down)


THURSDAYUPPER BODY Exercise Sets x Reps Rest (sec)
DB Flat Bench 3 x 12-15 90
Lat Pull Down 3 x 12-15 90
A)Standing DB Shoulder Press 3 x 12 60
A) Underhand Grip Cable Rows 3 x 12 60
Pec Dec Flyes 3 x 12 60
EZ Bar Biceps Curls/Push Downs 3 x 12 60
Barbell Complex:
Deadlift – 6 Load barbell with weight you can use for your weakest lift.  Perform exercises in a circuit without putting the barbell down.  After you finish 1 round, rest for 3 minutes.  Do 3 – 4 rounds.
Bent Over Row – 6
Front Squat – 6
Push Press – 6
Reverse Lunges – 6/leg
Push-ups – Failure

You will notice on Friday – there is something a bit different.  For the total body workout, I like to recommend performing a Barbell Complex.  For this particular complex, you will perform the exercises as a circuit without placing the barbell down.  When choosing what weight to use, it is important to choose the exercise you aren’t the strongest with.

For instance, I would choose Push Press because that is an exercise I’m not all that strong with.  There is no way I will be able to Push Press what I can Deadlift for 6 reps.  Pretty straight forward right?

Since the majority of the people I’ve heard from doing the Body by Aipa Program are interested in losing fat, complexes can help with gaining strength and burning fat.  To be honest, doing a barbell complex isn’t the most comfortable thing you’ll do.  It feels like your lungs are about to explode and you’ve just ran 400 meters, if you do it right.

I’m want to hear from you about the program, how are you doing? What are you noticing? What sort of results are you seeing? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Aips! I got a couple of guys on your program getting big. Question. What is the Goblet Bulgarian Squat? Is that a split squat with one leg up on a bench? That is all that seems to be coming up when I type it up in google.

  2. That’s awesome! Stoked to hear more about how they like the program. And you are right about the Bulgarian squat, one leg up on the bench. Aloha and keeping crushing it!

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